The White Door Day 2

The White Door by Rusty Lake

Day 2 starts with Robert asleep in bed. Click and drag the blanket down to wake him up. He’ll get out of bed.

Robert with the blanket halfway off as he's waking up.

Click the notepad below the clock on the wall to check Robert’s schedule. The schedule is the same as Day 1.

Robert's Day 2 schedule.

Click the window. Click and drag the blinds upwards to lift them. You’ll see a bird and a man’s silhouette. Click the bird and it will fly away.

Achievement: In the window, click the man’s silhouette. The man will walk away. Leave the window and then eat breakfast. After breakfast, walk back. The man will be looking into your window. Click him and he will walk away. This will unlock the Day 2 achievement.

A strange man staring in Robert's window

Click the table in the middle of the room. Drink the orange juice and coffee, and then eat the donut.

Robert's Day 2 breakfast.

Click the toilet in the bottom-left corner of the room. Flush the toilet.

A toilet bowl containing urine and feces

Click the mirror and sink next to the toilet. As on Day 1, click the toothbrush and brush Robert’s teeth. After that, click the towel and was Robert’s face.

Robert holding a towel up to his face to do self-care.

Click the button on the wall and then click the red button to start the checkup.

Red checkup button on the wall.

The nurse will walk into the room. Click the nurse. Again, she’ll ask you several questions.

Q: Can you tell me your age?
A: 41

Q: What was your favorite cafe?

Q: Where do you work?

After you answer these questions, she’ll ask what you would like to eat for dinner. This choice doesn’t matter, so select any answer you like. She’ll thank you, tell you that you’re making progress, and then leave the room.

The nurse asking questions during Robert's checkup.

Now it’s time for the Day 2 memory training. Click the computer and click the Return key to turn on the computer. Choose Yes to start.

For today’s memory training, you’ll be presented with a series of shapes on the screen. For each new selection of shapes, choose the one that looks different from the others by highlighting the shape using the arrow keys and then selecting it by clicking the Return key.

Q1: Top right
Q2: Bottom middle
Q3: Top left
Q4: Bottom right
Q5: Top right
Q6: Bottom left
Q7: Top middle

Robert's Day 2 memory training test.

When successfully completing the memory training test, the door will open and the dinner tray will roll in. Click the tray. The food you told the nurse you want will appear on the tray. Eat the food, drink the drink, and then take the pill.

Robert's dinner on Day 2.

Now it’s time for recreation. Click the box at the bottom of the room and grab the paddle and ball. Drag the paddle left and right to bounce the ball 10 times. If you miss, Robert will curse.

Robert bouncing the ball on a paddle.

Click the bed and then pull the blanket over Robert.

Robert going to sleep on Day 2.

Day 2 will end.

Dream 2: Bird Food

Dream 2 starts with Robert driving to work. He’ll say he turned the radio down because it reminds him of her. Turn the volume down on the radio by twisting the dial.

Twist the dial to reduce the radio volume.

You’ll now be able to click and drag the car as Robert is driving, though it doesn’t matter where you go. After a couple of blocks, you’ll pull up to a stoplight and a beggar will ask for change. Click and drag the window down.

Give the beggar a coin and then tap the red light to turn it green.

Next, give the beggar a coin by clicking and dragging Robert’s hand down.

Give the beggar a coin.

Now click the light to make it turn green.

Click the light to make it turn green.

You’ll now have control over the car again. Follow the arrows on the orange signs. You can turn the car by clicking and dragging it in that direction.

Follow the orange signs.