The White Door Day 1

The White Door by Rusty Lake

To start the game, click the door on the title screen.

Table Of Contents

    Day 1

    The day starts with you lying in bed. Click and drag the blanket down and you’ll rise out of bed.

    Next, click the notepad under the clock on the wall. The notepad contains the current date and the information and schedule of Robert Hill. Here’s today’s schedule:

    • 7:00 Get Up
    • 8:00 Breakfast
    • 9:00 Self-care
    • 11:00 Checkup
    • 15:00 Memory Training
    • 18:00 Dinner
    • 20:00 Recreation
    • 22:00 Sleep
    Robert Hill's schedule and patient information.

    You can also click the calendar that’s laying on top of the desk above the bed to see the date. The current date, August 14, 1972, is marked with a red X. A red door is drawn on August 20, hinting that that’s the day Robert is scheduled to leave the hospital.

    A calendar on top of a desk that shows the current date.

    Now it’s time to cross out the items on the schedule. First, breakfast. Click the table in the center of the room. Click and drag downwards the coffee and juice to drink them. Next, click the donut three times to eat it. Once everything is consumed, click the sugar packet. You’ll see a receipt from Cafe Owl Nest. Your total for 1 donut and 1 coffee is 1.57.

    Robert's breakfast, a glass of juice, a cup of coffee, and a donut.

    The next item on our list is self-care. Click the toilet in the bottom-left corner. Flush the toilet by clicking the button on top of the toilet.

    Next, click the sink. Click the toothbrush in the glass to grab it. Click and drag the toothbrush left and right to brush Robert’s teeth. After that, click the towel on the right side of the sink. Robert will pick the towel up and put it to his face. Click it again to wash his face.

    Robert flushing the toilet that's full of yellow urine.

    Self-care is over, but there are still a few things you can do.

    Click the dresser near the foot of the bed. Click and drag the bottom drawer to open it. Click the ID card in the drawer. It’s Robert’s Johnsson Bird Food ID card. Robert’s portrait and this information are shown on the card:

    • NR – 02340983724-VH
    • Surname – Hill
    • Given Name – Robert
    • Date of Birth – 06/07/1931
    Robert's employee ID for Johnsson Bird Food in the bottom drawer of the dresser.

    Click the window in the top-right corner of the room. Click and drag the blinds upwards. A bird is on the window sill. Click it and it will fly away.

    A bird in the window sill of Robert's room.

    Next, click the button to the left of the door. On the screen that appears, click the red button. A nurse will walk through the door.

    Red button on the wall to call the nurse for checkup

    Click the nurse to talk to her. She will ask you several questions. To answer the questions, click the letters or numbers.

    Q: What is your given name?
    A: Robert

    Q: What year is it?
    A: 1972

    Q: And the date?
    A: 14

    The nurse asking Robert a series of questions.

    She’ll thank you and leave the room. Now click the computer. You’ll see a question asking on the computer screen asking you if you want to start the test.

    Choose MAYBE to unlock the DAY 1 Steam achievement.

    When you want to start the test, answer YES.

    A computer screen asking Robert to start the test.

    The memory training test will begin. You’ll see a series of images on the screen. For each image, you need to answer what you saw.

    Image 1: Donut
    Image 2: Box
    Image 3: Plant
    Image 4: Frame
    Image 5: Speaker
    Image 6: Coin
    Image 7: Bird

    A picture of a green bird on the computer screen.

    When you complete the test, the door will open and a dinner cart will roll in. Click the cart. On the tray is a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, a soda, and a pill. Consume everything on the cart.

    A plate of spaghetti, a glass of soda, and a pill.

    After you finish dinner, click the box next to the dresser at the foot of the bed. A label on top of the box will read “recreation only after 20:00.” Click the box to open it. Inside the box is a dumbbell. Click it to pick it up, and then click and drag Robert’s arm up and down to curl it. Curl the dumbbell ten times.

    Robert curling a dumbbell

    It’s 22:00 now, so it’s time to sleep. Click the bed. Pull the cover over Robert to go to sleep.

    Dream 1: The Break-Up

    We’re now at the Owl Nest cafe. Click the cafe to go inside. The narrator (who is Robert) will say he was sitting at his favorite table on the right. Click and drag to find Robert at the table.

    On the next screen, you’ll see the table Robert says he’s starting at.

    Click the curtain and the words on the curtain will light up. This is 1 of 4 curtains you’ll need to click to unlock the DREAM 1 Steam achievement.
    A table with a window and curtain behind it.

    Click the table. He’ll now say he was stressed out and was turning all the items on the coffee table in the same direction. Click and drag the items on the table so they are all pointing in the same direction.

    A cup of coffee, a pack of sugar, and a spoon on a coffee table

    Next, bring the coffee cup up to Robert’s mouth to drink it. Click the donut six times to eat it.

    Robert drinking a cup of coffee.

    Now you’ll see Robert’s watch. Click and hold the watch to make time pass.

    Robert's watch on his wrist

    The woman Robert has been waiting for will arrive.

    Click the curtain and the words on the curtain will light up. This is 2 of 4 curtains you’ll need to click to unlock the DREAM 1 Steam achievement.
    A woman sitting at a table with a curtain behind her.

    Click the woman. Now pull her closer to the table.

    Robert and a woman sitting at a table.

    Click and drag her eyes to make her look away. She’ll tell Robert she wants to break up.

    Click the curtain and the words on the curtain will light up. This is 3 of 4 curtains you’ll need to click to unlock the DREAM 1 Steam achievement.
    The woman breaking up with Robert.

    Bring the coffee cup up to Robert’s mouth to take another sip.

    Robert taking another sip of coffee.

    Drag Robert’s hand closer to the woman’s to try to touch her. The woman will pull away.

    Robert trying to touch the woman's hand.

    Click the coffee cup.

    Click the curtain and the words on the curtain will light up. This is 4 of 4 curtains you’ll need to click to unlock the DREAM 1 Steam achievement. After you click this curtain, you’ll see a screen with the full curtain. Open the curtain. Click and hold the music note in the woman’s mouth to make her sing.
    A table with a window and curtain on the wall behind it.

    Bring the coffee cup up to Robert’s mouth. The cup will crack.

    Robert holding a shattered cup

    Once the cup falls apart, Robert will wake up.