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Details Announced for New Kena: Bridge of Spirits Update

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To celebrate one year since the launch of Kena: Bridge of Spirits, Ember Lab has shared details on a bunch of new, upcoming content for the game. This Anniversary Update will be free to all PS4 and PS5 players.

The upcoming Anniversary Update for Kena: Bridge of Spirits will include New Game+, Charmstones, Spirit Guide Trials, Kena Outfits, accessibility features, and more. This update will launch on September 27, 2022.

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    New Game+

    According to Ember Lab, New Game+ was one of the most requested features, and they’ve decided to listen to their fans. Once you’ve finished Kena: Bridge of Spirits, you can restart the journey with all your previously unlocked Abilities, Upgrades, Outfits, Rot, etc. New Game+ will include “redesigned and more challenging combat encounters,” which will include adjustments that even have new enemy types specific to New Game+. Many bosses will also have additional phases.


    Kena about to fight a monster.

    Charmstones are equipable items that provide different adjustments to Kena’s stats and abilities. While these are largely beneficial, you’ll need to be strategic about which Charmstones you equip, as they will often have both a benefit and a drawback. You’ll want to use different Charmstones for different boss battles and challenges. If you’re one of those players seeking a real challenge, you can try out the Rare Cursed Charmstones, which strictly reduce your abilities.

    Spirit Guide Trials

    The Spirit Guide Trials is a new game mode coming to Kena: Bridge of Spirits with this update. You can take part in Spirit Guide Trials, which will be replayable challenges designed to test your skills. The Trials will include three different types: Obstacle Courses, Wave Defenses, and Boss Reflects. These will help players test out different combinations of upgrades.

    Kena Outfits

    In the Anniversary Update, new Kena Outfits can be unlocked by completing Spirit Guide Trials. These outfits have been inspired by other characters that Kena has met along her journey. If you complete bonus objectives during the Trials, you can unlock the outfits in new colors. Note that there is also one exclusive outfit for Deluxe Edition owners.

    You can check out PlayStation’s post on this update for more details.