Editorial Guidelines and Ethics

VGKAMI adheres to strict editorial guidelines and ethics to ensure top-quality content and transparent journalism.

Embargos and Spoilers

VGKAMI is embargo-friendly. Embargo dates are always honored.

We may also occasionally incorporate spoiler tags in our content. Spoiler tags are used at our own discretion and may be removed at any time without notice.

Spoilers will never appear in headlines or featured images.

Corrections Policy

All of our walkthroughs, guides, tips, tricks, cheats, FAQs, and any other content that appears on VGKAMI are meant to be 100% factual and accurate. All of our content goes through a rigorous review process to ensure this quality.

However, if you notice an error in any of our content, please contact us via the contact form (or on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram) with your correction. After the feedback has been verified as correct, we will update the post. A post that is updated will display a timestamp showing the date that the update was made.

While posts may be updated with corrections, they will never be removed.