Hollow Knight Wiki

Hollow Knight walkthrough cover.

VGKami’s Hollow Knight Wiki Guide provides a complete walkthrough of the game. We’ll tackle the game’s levels in progressive order. We’ll also go over the various side quests you can do in Hollow Knight.

Getting Started With Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is not a very easy game. It provides challenge and requires precision and patience to complete. However, as long as you know everything there is to know about the game before getting started, from the most basic mechanics to the most obscure tips, your experience playing this game moving forward will go much more steady.

Hollow Knight Walkthrough

Here, we’ll go over the game from start to finish, from the very first level to the very last boss. Hollow Knight is a “Metroidvania” game, which means its levels are very interconnected and the game gives you the avenue to venture through the different levels and explore the game as freely as you can while still arriving at the same ending. In this walkthrough, I’ve laid out the levels in an order which I believe to be the most efficient and accessible in terms of progression. Each level in Hollow Knight has one or two bosses. We’ll also be tackling how you can effectively defeat these bosses.

  • Dirtmouth
  • Forgotten Crossroads
  • Greenpath
  • Fog Canyon
  • Fungal Waste
  • City of Tears
  • Crystal Peak
  • Resting Grounds
  • Royal Waterways
  • Ancient Basin
  • Kingdom’s Edge
  • The Abyss
  • Deepnest and The Beast
  • Returning to the Fog Canyon for The Teacher
  • Returning to the City of Tears for The Watcher
  • Entering The Black Egg
  • Endings
  • Acquiring The Void Heart
  • Queen’s Garden
  • The White Palace
  • Seeking out the Birthplace
  • Returning to the Hollow Knight
  • The Godmaster DLC

Side Quests

While the game doesn’t explicitly name these as “side quests,” these are the other activities you can do in Hollow Knight that aren’t completely necessary to finish the game but are essential anyway if you are a completionist.

  • Bretta & Zote
  • The Nailmasters
  • The Hive
  • Unlocking The Stag Nest
  • The Delicate Flower
  • The Grimm Troupe
  • The Colosseum of Fools