Little Nightmares Wiki Guide

Little Nightmares walkthrough hero image.

VGKAMI’s Little Nightmares Wiki Guide features a complete walkthrough for the main story, as well as locations for every Nome, Statue, Lantern, and Candle. Join us as we journey through The Maw.

Little Nightmares Walkthrough

The Little Nightmares walkthrough is complete with instructions on where to find every Nome, Statue, Lantern, and Candle, as well as strategies for sneaking past and defeating enemies.

Every Nome Location

Nomes are skittish little creatures that inhabit The Maw. Each area of The Maw (except for The Lady’s Quarters) has a few Nomes for you to seek out and hug. We’ve covered where to find each of the 13 Nomes.

Every Statue Location

Statues are collectibles in Little Nightmares. They take on the porcelain form of The Lady and are about 1/4 the size of Six. Breaking all 10 Statues will earn you an achievement and the Rascal Mask. This guide covers where to find all 10 Statues.