Character from Fall Guys standing above broken looking animal.

Fall Guys Gets Important Bug Fixes in Light of Its Move to Free-to-Play

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After the announcement that Fall Guys will be moving to free-to-play and launching on Nintendo Switch and Xbox, the game’s developer, Mediatonic, informed us that they have fixed numerous bugs in preparation for this launch.

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    Earlier today, on June 20, a trailer dropped for Fall Guys stating that the game will move to free-to-play. Additionally, Fall Guys will be launching on both Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The game will become free-to-play on PlayStation and PC as well. However, Fall Guys will be removed from Steam and moved to the Epic Games Store. Crossplay will be supported, so you’ll be able to play the game with friends no matter which platform they choose to play on.

    Games Showcased

    During the announcement trailer, we can see several of the games that are going to be included in the upcoming free-to-play version of Fall Guys:

    • Blast Ball
    • The Swiveller
    • Speed Circuit
    • Bounce Party
    • Volleyfall
    • Hex-a-Ring
    • Track Attack

    Game Launch Times

    If you’re excited about this announcement and looking to pick up Fall Guys once it becomes free, the following times are when the game will become available on June 21, 2022:

    • 5am (PST)
    • 7am (CT)
    • 8am (ET)
    • 1pm (BST)
    • 2pm (CEST)

    Bug Fixes

    Mediatonic posted to the Fall Guys official Twitter page that they’ve corrected some important bugs in the game to prepare for the free-for-all launch. The major fixes include:

    • Major optimizations to various areas of memory usage, reducing instances of crashes on PlayStation
    • Improvements to PlayStation FPS on object-heavy levels such as Fruit Chute, Slime Climb, Lost Temple and more
    • Improvements to tails being grabbed from a distance by players experiencing high latency
    • If multiple Squads get 0 points (particularly in modes such as Xtreme Squads) they will be eliminated instead of tying and moving to the next Round
    • Fixed an exploit on tile levels such as Thin Ice, where players could spam jump and avoid breaking tiles (they also note that Thin Ice is indeed back)
    • Fixed a Tail Tag exploit where players could stand on a podium and evade capture
    • Fixed instances in Royal Fumble where the tail would disappear if the player with it disconnected
    • Fixed pipes at the end of Pipe Dream overshooting players over the finish line
    • Fixed the Options menu randomly appearing during gameplay on PS4
    • Fixed “Multiple Shows Selected” showing when queuing for a single show in a party
    • Fixed hoops spawning too high to reach on levels such as Hoopsie Daisy
    • Fixed players queueing together being placed into separate squads
    • Fixed instances of players respawning in Xtreme mode
    • Fixed Clank appearing yellow instead of Red or Blue in Team Tail Tag
    • Fixed Thin Ice music in Finals Marathon