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Fallout 76 Gets Bug Fixes and Improvements for Combat, Challenges, Items, and More

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Today, on July 26, 2022, a patch for Fallout 76 has become available. Update Version includes numerous bug fixes and improvements for various aspects of the game, and you can get the update now.

Table Of Contents

    This update has a different size depending on which platform you’re downloading it for:

    • PC (Steam): 3.0 GB
    • PC (Microsoft Store): 8.1 GB
    • PlayStation: 7.6 GB
    • Xbox: 10.7 GB

    As for the specifics of the update, Bethesda has made bug fixes and improvements to the art, C.A.M.P.S and workshops, challenges, combat, events and quests, items, localization, perk cards, stability, and user interface. The following are just some of the most notable improvements from each category.


    • Black Jack-o’-Lantern Helmet now correctly emits smoke and flame visual effects
    • Characters no longer clip into the Wavy Willard’s Waterbed when climbing into the top bunk

    C.A.M.P.S And Workshops

    • The Settler Forager Ally can once again give Daily Quests to the player
    • The Scrapbox no longer faces the wrong direction in the Rusted APC Survival Tent


    • Killing robots with the Voice of Set now correctly progresses the “Kill Robots with a Revolver” Challenge
    • Fixed an issue that prevented the “Kill a Huge Creature” Weekly Challenge from progressing correctly


    • Explosive weapon attacks in VATS no longer increase the critical hit meter twice.

    Events And Quests

    • Corrected a small area near the Rad Scrubber where players would take far less rad damage than intended while the Rad Scrubber was broken (Eviction Notice)
    • Fixed an issue that could cause the Golden Eyebot to appear hostile toward players, and allow them to target it with VATS (Test Your Metal)


    • Added a new option to the ProSnap Deluxe Camera that allows players to decide whether the pictures they take will be saved to the Photo Gallery
    • When firing an automatic weapon while affected by the frozen status, the weapon’s sound effects now more closely match its visual effects


    • The notification that appears when the Rad Scrubber has been repaired is now properly translated in non-English versions of the game
    • Increased the font size of Corpse Highlighting options in non-English versions of the game so that they are easier to read
    Fallout 76 Billboard in a run-down area.

    Perk Cards

    • When the player has both the Awareness and Stabilized Perk Cards equipped, all types of damage reduction will now be correctly displayed


    • Fixed an issue that could result in a server crash during normal gameplay

    User Interface

    • Fixed an issue that could prevent players from creating a new character, even if they had fewer than 5 existing characters
    • Players can no longer spam the confirmation button after using the “Rank Up to Here” button on the Scoreboard

    For more information, you can check out the full patch notes here.