Screenshot of character running in I Was a Teenage Excolonist.

Indie Games Coming to PS4 and PS5 This August

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Today, PlayStation posted which indie games will be coming to PlayStation this August. While some are PS5 exclusive, others will also be available on the PS4. The games include I Was a Teenage Excolonist and Inscryption.

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    Gigabash will be coming to both the PS4 and PS5 on August 5 this month. This one is a multiplayer arena brawler in which you can fight as a giant mech or monster with up to three other players. Humanity has uncovered an ancient, forbidden technology that has caused huge monsters to pop up, so now it’s time to fight back against them.

    Cult of the Lamb

    Cult of the Lamb will be coming to PlayStation on August 11 for both the PS4 and PS5. The game is an action/adventure/strategy game in which you must help a little lamb build up followers after it begins worshipping “The One Who Waits,” or the person that saved it. If you’ve ever dreamed of creating your own cult following, this one’s for you.


    Rollerdrome is another indie coming to PlayStation, and it will be available on August 16 for the PS4 and PS5. The game takes place in a retro-dystopian future where everyone needs a distraction. What better way to do so than to skate like your life depends on it? Skate around, try not to die, and destroy your enemies in this quirky skating game.

    Cursed to Golf

    Cursed to Golf will be coming on August 18 for both the PS4 and PS5. Imagine if purgatory was a giant golf course. This is the case in Cursed to Golf, where you must atone for your sins through golfing. Considering it takes place in purgatory, be prepared for challenges and obstacles that you’ve never seen before.

    I Was a Teenage Exocolonist

    I Was a Teenage Excolonist will not be coming to the PS4 and PS5 until August 25. This game is highgly unique, as it’s classified as a “genre-bending hybrid of RPG, strategy, visual novel, and deck-building card game set in a far-flung sci-fi future.” Navigate your teenage years on an alien planet through card choices that influence making friends, learning life skills, getting jobs, and even falling in love for the first time.


    Inscryption is a PS5 exclusive that will not be coming to PlayStation until August 30. In this game, your life is held hostage in a strange, card-game world. A mysterious being offers you freedom through playing their card game, so you must win to get out. However, you will need to rely on your own skills, as you must build your own deck to play.