Daisy featured with Mario Strikers title and stadium background.

Mario Strikers: Battle League First Free Update to Include New Characters and More

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Mario Strikers: Battle League, which launched on June 10, 2022, is receiving its first free update this summer on July 21, at 6pm PT. The update will include new characters, new gear, and a new stadium.

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    New Characters

    Two new characters will be added to the lineup in the new Mario Strikers: Battle League update—Daisy and Shy Guy. The following is a run-down of the new characters’ stats.


    • Strength – 13
    • Speed – 9
    • Shooting – 10
    • Passing – 13
    • Technique – 18

    Shy Guy

    • Strength – 13
    • Speed – 12
    • Shooting – 13
    • Passing – 13
    • Technique – 12

    New Gear

    Some new gear will also be coming with this update. This time around, we’re getting the Knight gear. The Knight Helm will add the following stats to the character who it’s equipped to:

    • Strength +2
    • Speed -2
    • Shooting +1
    • Passing +1
    • Technique -2

    New Stadium

    The new stadium featured in this update is called Desert Ruin, and it looks exactly like what you’d expect. It’s set in a desert, and you can use it for quick matches or set it as your club stadium. Additionally, you’ll eventually be able to unlock Desert Ruin 2 and 3.