Original box cover of F-Zero for Super Nintendo.

Nintendo Shareholder Claims Execs “Looked Happy” When Asked About F-Zero Remake

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Recently, during one of Nintendo’s annual general meetings, a Nintendo shareholder allegedly asked several Nintendo executives about remakes for older games, including F-Zero and others. The executives’ response may lean towards the positive, though a concrete answer was not given.

The information on this meeting was first given to us by Twitter user @NStyles. They reported that the shareholder—later identified as Twitter user @momiji_manjyuu—asked the executives about remakes for F-Zero, Baten Kaitos, Wario Land, The Frog For Whom the Bell Tolls, Trade & Battle: Card Hero, and Chōsōjū Mecha MG.

This shareholder confirmed his involvement on Twitter. He posted a status that translates to, “I’m sure I’m crazy, but it was worth paying 5 million just to tell Nintendo’s management to make a new F-ZERO.” Some prominent members in the game journalism field have even spoken up to give this shareholder props. Fanbyte Media Editor, Imran Khan, says, “Shoutouts to the Nintendo investor who spent his shareholder meeting question asking why Nintendo isn’t making F-Zero and Baten Kaitos.”

According to @NStyles, a Google translation of the response from Nintendo’s general manager of EPD, Shinya Takahashi, reads as follows:

Regarding remakes of older titles, we are thinking about a wide range of interesting ways to try new and old things. We received a similar question before. At that time, we happened to have a remake planned, so we discussed it, but there are things I cannot say right now.

While this response doesn’t give us a lot to go on, @momiji_manjyuu—the shareholder asking about the remakes—says that the execs looked to be happy or pleased at the mention of these older games. Perhaps this could be amusement because there are already plans in the works. On the other hand, they could be amused that fans are still looking for these remakes all these years later. Whatever the case, it might be comforting to know that there is someone with influence over Nintendo going to bat for these desired remakes.