Travis Touchdown holding his weapon over his shoulder.

No More Heroes 3 Coming to All Platforms This October

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No More Heroes 3 first launched as an exclusive on the Nintendo Switch on August 27, 2021. After almost a year of waiting, the game will now be coming to all platforms on October 11, 2022.

Today, a new trailer dropped for No More Heroes 3. The trailer focuses on Travis Touchdown, an assassin who names himself “the last hero around.” Travis is shown taking down all sorts of enemies with killer moves.

According to XSEEDgames, publisher of No More Heroes 3, the game will have “improved HD visuals and framerates, along with faster loading times to keep players dishing out eye-popping ultraviolence.”

Travis is tasked with defending the world from a powerful army of alien invaders. The army is led by an overlord prince known as FU, and he is followed by his alien assassins who are disguised as galactic superheroes.

The gameplay is hack-n-slash style, and you can use Travis’ beam Katana to slice through enemies. No More Heroes 3 is the first in the series to include the Death Glove, which can activate a variety of skills. This will allow for more strategic battles. You’ll also be able to customize your skill tree and use different Death Glove chip combinations to find what works best with your playstyles.