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Twitch to Allow Streamers to Share Ban Lists With Each Other

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Following its pattern of safety promotion over the years, Twitch plans to implement a Shared Ban function for streamers. No specific launch date has been announced yet, but an image shared to showcase the feature suggests it could be soon.

Bans have been an important feature for Twitch for quite a while now. Over the years, Twitch has taken actions in an attempt to make the streaming platform a safer place for everyone. These actions include growing its safety functionality and adding services such as AutoMod, keyword bans, chat restrictions, and more.

To continue their trend of attempting to make the world of streaming a better place, Twitch will be implementing a new feature. According to Zach Bussey, someone known for covering streaming-related stories, Twitch will be launching a Shared Ban functionality soon. Bussey, explains that this will allow streamers to directly share their ban lists with another channel.

Example of what the Shared Ban feature will look like on Twitch.

Additionally, the screenshot shared by Bussey (above) shows that you will be able to add notes and details on specific users. This way, streamers can help each other know who to look out for or who to outright avoid. The types of tags for people include “Possible Ban Evader,” “Suspicious User,” “Shared Ban,” and “Serial Harasser.”

According to Dot Esports, the Shared Ban feature is still in its development phase, so only a select few people can take advantage of it currently.