Skull and Bones title over ships in a stormy sea.

Ubisoft to Showcase Skull and Bones This Week

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Ubisoft uploaded a blog post today stating that they will be holding a Ubisoft Forward Spotlight event on July 7. This event will showcase Skull and Bones, an upcoming open-world, multiplayer game centered around pirates.

The blog post was uploaded today on July 5, and it highlights two upcoming events. The first will be focused on Skull and Bones, a game inspired by the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of Piracy. This event will take place in a couple days on July 7 at 8:00pm CEST or 11:00am PT. You can tune in either on Ubisoft’s YouTube or Twitch channels.

The second Ubisoft Forward event will be more general. Rather than focusing on a specific game, Ubisoft claims that they are “ready to reveal updates and news on multiple games and projects from Ubisoft teams around the world.” This means that we will likely be seeing a variety of announcements for Ubisoft’s larger games, though the specifics are anyone’s best guess at this point. This event will take place on September 10 at 9:00pm CEST or 12:00pm PT. You can view the Ubisoft Forward on their YouTube, Twitch, or their official website.

On their website, Ubisoft also states that they will have more to share about the Ubisoft Forward as we get closer to the event. So, it’s possible we could learn which games might make an appearance later.