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Valheim Community Manager Offers More Info on Xbox and Game Pass Port

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With the recent announcement of a Valheim port for Xbox and Game Pass, fans have had many questions about how the port will function. Luckily, the game’s community manager shared a recent post that will help alleviate concerns.

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    Valheim Coming to Xbox and Game Pass

    Since its launch in 2021, Valheim—a massive survival game brought to us by Iron Gate—has remained successful, recently passing 10 million sales. Yesterday, during the Xbox Showcase Extended, it was announced that Valheim will launch on PC Game Pass this fall, and it will also head to Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in spring 2023. The Steam, Microsoft Store, and Xbox versions of Valheim will all have full crossplay.

    In a recent press release, Henrik Törnqvist—Iron Gate co-founder—had this to say about Valheim’s expansion into Xbox and Game Pass:

    We’re beyond delighted to see the world of Valheim and our amazing community open up to even more people, and let our PC Vikings team up with their console shield brothers and sisters in the near future. None of this would be possible without the incredible teams at Piktiv and Fishlabs who are continuing to work tirelessly on the Microsoft Store and Xbox ports, enabling us to focus on the Mistlands update and our exciting journey through Early Access.

    Clarification on Valheim’s New Port

    Character exploring old building in Valheim.

    Expectedly, with the announcement of a new Valheim port came numerous questions. Luckily, Valheim’s Community Manager—Josefin AKA Monti—shed some light on what we can expect. The following is a list of the new information shared about the upcoming port:

    • You will not need to create a Microsoft account to access the crossplay; if you already play on Steam, you can continue doing so as usual
    • The Xbox version of the game will be as close to the Steam version as possible. There will not be any split-screen or couch co-op
    • You can join a dedicated server from an Xbox, but you must set it up from a PC. Hosting a world without making a dedicated server will still be easy on Xbox, and you can join a game regardless of what platform it’s hosted on
    • If you’re using a Microsoft account, your progress will be synced between your PC and Xbox. However, it is not yet clear if there will be an automatic sync between Steam and Xbox
    • There are no plans for official mod support