Animal Crossing: How to Get Log Stakes

Character holding up crafted Log Stakes.

If you want to get early-game bridges, you’ll need log stakes in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Since they aren’t available for purchase, you’ll need to know how to craft them.

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    What Are Log Stakes Used For?

    Log Stakes are essential for the Bridge Construction Kit, which you will need towards the beginning of the game. To make this simple wooden bridge, you will need four Log Stakes, four Clay, and four Stones. You get this recipe from Tom Nook.

    Bridges are essential, as you’ll need to be able to cross rivers to access your full island.

    How to Get Log Stakes

    Recipe for Log Stakes.

    Luckily, Log Stakes are incredibly easy to obtain. Though you cannot purchase Log Stakes, you can easily craft them at Tom Nook’s Workbench or a Simple DIY Workbench. The recipe calls for three Wood. Note that you can also customize Log Stakes to make Dark Wood, Orange Wood, White Wood, or White Birch.