Marshall Gunnell

Marshall Gunnell is the founder of VGKami. He's a hardcore gamer and tech geek at heart. He's been published on sites such as PCWorld, How-To Geek, Zapier, StorageReview, CareerFoundry, and many others. He's also a technical writer at LINE Corp, where he writes technical API/Software documentation. Over the past three years, Marshall's work has been read over 50 million times.

Though originally from Mississippi, Marshall is currently based in Tokyo, Japan. He spends most of his free time building VGKami, dissecting complicated subjects into easily consumable guides, learning Japanese, drinking cheap whiskey, relaxing in Japanese onsens, and hiking the beautiful mountains of Japan.

Prior to his current adventure, Marshall was based in Taipei, Taiwan, where he was Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and a technical staff writer at StorageReview. He provided in-depth news coverage and detailed product reviews on storage arrays, hard drives, SSDs, and any related hardware or software that fit the scope of the data storage industry. He also developed sales strategies based on regional and global market research to identify and generate new project initiatives. Before that, he could be found knee-deep in network storage devices, with his journey beginning with Synology.

Although his background is a bit technical, he's always had a deep passion for video games---mainly story-rich RPGs. As a child, he would spend hours writing character dialog, item and weapon descriptions, character bios, event plots, and other RPG-focused content for a game he was creating in RPG Maker for the PS1. After finishing a chapter in the game, he would write a walkthrough for it with pencil and paper.

His how-to journalism and passion for games inspired him to create VGKami, where he strives to bring the best content to every gamer---expert and newb alike.

He also thinks Final Fantasy IX is the best in the series and is willing to argue with you about it on Twitter.

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