Marshall Gunnell

Marshall Gunnell is the mastermind behind VGKAMI and a dedicated tech and gaming expert. He dedicates a significant portion of his time to crafting insightful articles on these topics. His work has been featured on major outlets like Business InsiderPCWorldHow-To GeekZapier, and more. Over the past four years, his articles have been read by over 70 million people.

Marshall, a Mississippi native, currently calls Tokyo, Japan home, where he works as a Technical Writer at LINE Corp. When he's not on the clock, he can be found working hard on VGKAMI, breaking down complex subjects for the masses, mastering the Japanese language, sipping on budget-friendly whiskey, indulging in onsens, and trekking through Japan's picturesque mountains.

Prior to his current adventure, Marshall was based in Taipei, Taiwan, where he was Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and a technical staff writer at StorageReview. He provided in-depth news coverage and detailed product reviews on storage arrays, hard drives, SSDs, and beyond. He also developed sales strategies based on regional and global market research to identify and generate new project initiatives. Before that, he could be found knee-deep in network storage devices, with his journey beginning with Synology.

Despite his tech background, Marshall's true passion has always been indulging in story-rich RPGs. As a kid, he spent countless hours crafting character bios, dialogue, weapons and item descriptions, and more for a game he was building on RPG Maker for the PS1. Once he completed a chapter, he'd even pen a walkthrough for it, the old-fashioned way, with pencil and paper.

His love for how-to journalism and gaming sparked the creation of VGKAMI, where he aims to deliver top-notch content for gamers of all levels.

He also thinks Final Fantasy IX is the best in the series and is willing to argue with you about it on Twitter.

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