Overview of different Troops that can be transformed into Super Troops.

Clash of Clans: How to Get Super Troops

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Key Takeaway

You can get Super Troops in Clash of Clans by opening the Super Troops Barracks, tapping on which Troops you want to upgrade, and paying with either 25,000 Dark Elixir or one Super Potion.

In Clash of Clans, Super Troops will do more damage per second than your normal Troops would, so they’re great for offense. Dark Elixir or Super Potions will be your ticket to unlocking these Troops.

Table Of Contents

    Super Troops: Explanation and Benefits

    Super Troops are essentially the same as your normal Troops in Clash of Clans, only they are more powerful and have special abilities. Though Super Troops only exist temporarily after you’ve transformed your normal Troops, they can be incredibly useful. Since the Super Troops’ offense are boosted when they’re in this form, you’ll want to plan to transform them when you want to launch an attack and do greater damage per second. All the current types of Super Troops you can make include:

    • Super Barbarian
    • Super Archer
    • Super Giant
    • Sneaky Goblin
    • Super Wall Breaker
    • Rocket Balloon
    • Super Wizard
    • Super Dragon
    • Inferno Dragon
    • Super Minion
    • Super Valkyrie
    • Super Witch
    • Ice Hound
    • Super Bowler

    How to Get Super Troops

    Sneaky Goblins before and after Super Troop form.

    To get Super Troops, you will need to hit a few requirements first:

    • Your Town Hall must be upgraded to at least level 11 (tap on Town Hall and tap Upgrade to view requirements for upgrading)
    • You will need either 25,000 Dark Elixir or a Super Potion
    • You must have your regular Troops at the specified level required to make them Super (shown in the Super Troops Barracks)

    Note that you can technically get Super Troops through Clan donation before your Town Hall is level 11, rather than making them yourself.

    If you’ve hit the above requirements, open the Super Troops Barracks (the building that looks like a barrel) and tap on which Troops you’d like to transform. You will see boxes at the bottom the show two options: 25,000 Dark Elixir or one Super Potion. Choose either of these methods, and your Troops will be transformed into Super Troops.

    How to Get Dark Elixir and Super Potions

    The Super Troops Barracks.

    To get Dark Elixir, you will need a Town Hall level of at least seven. Dark Elixir can be used for Troops, Spells, and upgrading Heroes. It can be collected through using the Dark Elixir Drill, which can also be upgraded to be more effective. Alternatively, you can also steal Dark Elixir. The more Trophies you have, the more Dark Elixir you will be able to steal. You can learn more about stealing Dark Elixir here.

    Super Potions, on the other hand, are extremely simple to obtain. You can just buy one from the Trader for 300 Gems. You can earn Gems through achievements, clearing trees and rocks in your village, opening Gem boxes that appear, events, and more.

    Limits and Notes

    There are some factors you’ll need to keep in mind when dealing with Super Troops:

    • The Super Troops upgrade will last for three days
    • You can activate two Super Troops at the same time
    • Super Troops are not removed from the Army Camps when they expire
    • Super Troops can be trained with the same resource as their regular form
    • Super Troops require more Housing than their regular forms do
    • Super Troops will have a higher cost and greater training time