The teaser image for the first story DLC for Dying Light 2, Bloody Ties.

Dying Light 2 Teases First Story DLC with Full Reveal at Gamescom

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The first paid story DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human is coming. Titled Bloody Ties, details about the addition will be revealed during Gamescom Opening Night Live on August 23. For now, a teaser trailer is piquing fan interest.

While the expansion was originally scheduled to release in June, Techland moved Bloody Ties to September to give the DLC the “absolute highest level of polish.” No exact release date has been specified, though this will likely be revealed next week during the full Gamescom presentation.

Check out the teaser trailer for the Bloody Ties DLC below.

The DLC appears to be set in an arena-style location named Carnage Hall, with the trailer showing two humans fighting to the death. Last month, a Dying Light 2 datamine suggested that this first expansion would be gladiator themed.

“What dangers wait for you,” Techland teased. “How can you beat them? What will you get in return? One thing is certain…it will be brutal!”

Dying Light 2 Stay Human was released on February 4, 2022, and managed to sell five million copies in its first month of release. The sequel to Techland’s 2015 title Dying Light, over 1,500 people worked on the game over the course of its development. The studio has promised five years of support for the title, and additional content was added in June and into August.

With the upcoming release of patch 1.5, players can expect an update to the Agent and Rank system, along with the second Chapter titled A Huntress and a Hag. This will introduce a new agent, Shen Xiu.

Gamescom Opening Night Live will be an event to remember, with a number of high-profile titles set to appear. Along with Bloody Ties, game fans can expect more about Hogwarts Legacy, The Callisto Protocol, Sonic Frontiers, and Goat Simulator 3, just to name a few. Earlier this month, host Geoff Keighley teased that the two-hour live show will feature over 30 games. Those unable to attend the event in person can catch the live stream via The Game Awards’ YouTube or Twitch channels.

Dying Light 2 is available to play on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. A Nintendo Switch release is due later this year.