Fall Guys Hits 20 Million Players in First 48 Hours of Free-for-All

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After showcasing the new free-to-play Fall Guys earlier this week, Mediatonic has seen great success. Fall Guys free-for-all has hit 20 million players within the first 48 hours of going live, and it doesn’t seem like that will change soon.

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    At the beginning of this week, a trailer dropped announcing that Fall Guys would be moving to free-to-play. We also learned that the game would be launching on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox. It would also become free-to-play on the PC and PlayStation. Fall Guys has been removed from Steam, but it has been brought to the Epic Games Store. Crossplay is also fully supported.

    Fall Guys Games

    Some of the games the games that are included in free-to-play Fall Guys are:

    • Blast Ball
    • The Swiveller
    • Speed Circuit
    • Bounce Party
    • Volleyfall
    • Hex-a-Ring
    • Track Attack

    Fall Guys Bug Fixes

    Character from Fall Guys standing above broken looking animal.

    via Fall Guys Twitter (@FallGuysGame)

    The developers have been preparing for a long time for this move to free-to-play. In fact, they were working on a whole list of different bug fixes for Fall Guys so that the experience would be more enjoyable. The following are some of the fixes they’ve included:

    • Major optimizations to various areas of memory usage, reducing instances of crashes on PlayStation
    • Improvements to tails being grabbed from a distance by players experiencing high latency
    • Fixed a Tail Tag exploit where players could stand on a podium and evade capture
    • Fixed Thin Ice music in Finals Marathon

    You can read more about all the bug fixes Mediatonic has included here.

    Free-to-Play Success

    It seems that all the work Mediatonic has put into their project paid off. As of today, 48 hours after launching the free-for-all game, Fall Guys has hit 20 million players. This is a huge success for Mediatonic, and we are sure to see more Fall Guys content coming in our future.