The Pack hunt in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: The Pack Hunt Location and Rewards

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Key Takeaway

The Notorious Mark known as The Pack makes its home in the Dhalmekian Republic, specifically within the confines of The Gilded Path. This location is just south of the town of Tabor, marked clearly by a small arena on the map, setting the stage for a unique hunting challenge.

The Hunt Board in Final Fantasy 16 provides a clear hint to the location of The Pack hunt — a notorious mark found in The Gilded Path. However, the challenge isn’t just in finding these fiends. The real test lies in overcoming this pack of wolves: a unique band of enemies waiting to pounce in the Dhalmekian Republic region.

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    Where to Find The Pack

    The Pack location in Final Fantasy 16.

    The Hunt for The Pack is available after completing the first three tasks of the multi-part quest Things Fall Apart which is initiated post battling Dion Lesage in the Crystalline Dominion.

    The Pack is a Rank C enemy with a level of 33, and they have made their home near the town of Tabor in Dhalmekia. The hunt plays out slightly differently compared to other single-enemy hunts. Clive needs to defeat each wolf in the pack to complete the hunt successfully.

    The quickest way to find The Pack is to travel to the Tabor Obelisk and then head south towards The Gilded Path. On the map, a small arena just below the name of the Gilded Path signifies the location of The Pack.

    How to Beat The Pack

    Fighting The Pack in Final Fantasy 16.

    The Pack hunt, unlike many other Notorious Marks, doesn’t feature a Will Gauge. So, any Eikonic Abilities focused on staggering should be replaced with high-attack ones before entering the battle.

    Even though The Pack is relatively low-ranked, they tend to swarm Clive, making them dangerous given the numbers. To avoid taking heavy damage, try to maintain a position on the edge of the pack and avoid the center at all times.

    Abilities like Ifrit’s Ignition, which targets multiple wolves simultaneously, and Titan’s Windup and Upheaval, which cause significant damage, are recommended. Other multi-targeting abilities such as Bahamut’s Wings of Light and Ramuh’s Blind Justice are also useful.

    The Pack’s most lethal ability, Thrill of the Hunt, involves the wolves attacking Clive in parallel. Defense strategies include precision dodging and parrying the attacks while maintaining offensive pressure. You can also use Limit Break to parry attacks easily while replenishing HP.

    The Pack Hunt Rewards

    The Hunt rewards in Final Fantasy 16.

    Completing The Pack hunt rewards you mostly with common crafting materials.

    • 10 Renown
    • 50 Ability Points
    • 5800 Gil
    • 700 Experience
    • 20 Sharp Fang
    • 50 Bloody Hide
    • 10 Magicked Ash

    While the rewards might not be as rare as those from higher-level Notorious Marks, they contribute to Clive’s growth and preparation for future encounters. Hunting down The Pack proves to be a worthwhile diversion from the main storyline and a great opportunity to build up Clive’s abilities.