Cloud standing in front of a reactor in Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII: Complete Accessories List

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Final Fantasy VII has a collection of 32 different types of accessories. Equipping an accessory will bring certain benefits to the wearer, such as providing an increase in stats or nullifying an element.

Here is a complete list of every obtainable accessory in Final Fantasy VII.

Power WristStrength +10
Protect VestVitality +10
EarringMagic +10
TalismanSpirit +10
Choco FeatherDexterity +10
AmuletLuck +10
Champion BeltPower & Vitality +30
Poison RingDrains [Poison] attacks, protects against [Poison].
Touph RingVitality & Spirit +50
CircletMagic & Vitality +30
Star PendantProtects against [Poison]
Silver GlassesProtects against [Darkness]
HeadbandProtects against [Sleep].
Fairy RingProtects against [Poison/Darkness]
Jem RingProtects against [Paralyze/Petrify/Slow-numb]
White CapeProtects against [Frog/Small]
Sprint ShoesAutomatically puts you in [Haste}
Peace RingProtects against [Berserk/Fury/Sadness]
RibbonProtects against all abnormal status
Fire RingNullifies [Fire] attacks
Ice RingNullifies [Cold] attacks
Bolt RingNullifies [Lightning] attacks
Tetra ElementalDrains [Fire/Cold/Lightning/Earth] attacks
Safety BitProtects against [Sudden Death/Petrify/Slow-numb]
Fury RingAutomatically puts you in [Berserk]
Curse RingIt increases each status but...
Protect RingAutomatically sets up [Barrier/MBarrier]
Cat's BellRestores HP as you walk
Reflect RingAutomatically sets up [Reflect]
Water RingDrains [Water] attacks
Sneak GloveIncreases Stealing rate
HypnoCrownIncreases Manipulation rate