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Final Fantasy VII: Enemy Skill Guide

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The Enemy Skill Materia is a command material that’s used to learn skills from enemies, which you can later use. There are 4 Enemy Skill Materia and 24 Enemy Skills in total. Here’s everything you need to know.

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    Enemy Skill Materia Locations

    There are 4 Enemy Skill Materia in Final Fantasy VII. One of these is missable. Here’s where you can find each one.

    Shinra Bldg. 68FFound in the sample tank after the battle with Sample:H0512 in Hojo's lab.Yes
    Upper JunonFound in the Respectable Inn in Junon.No
    Forgotten CityFound in the house with a bed.No
    Chocobo Sage's HouseSpeak to the Mountain Chocobo.No

    Enemy Skills

    There are 24 Enemy Skills in total. Some of these skills will require you to successfully cast Manipulate the enemy and then use the skill against yourself for you to learn the skill.

    Here’s every Enemy Skill, what each one does, which enemy you learn them from, and more.

    Enemy SkillMPEffectLearned FromMissable
    Frog Song5Inflicts Sleep and Frog on one target.
    • Touch Me
    • Toxic Frog
    • Christopher
    L4 Suicide10Inflicts Critical and Small on a target if their level is a multiple of 4.
    • Mu
    • Trickplay
    Magic Hammer3Absorbs 100 MP from one target.
    • Razor Weed1
    White Wind34Restores HP of the entire party equal to the caster's current HP. Also cures Sleep, Poison, Confuse, Silence, Slow, Stop, Frog, Small, Slow-numb, Petrify, Berserk, Paralyze, Darkness, Death Force, and Resist.
    • Zemzelett1
    • Wind Wing2
    Big Guard56Casts Haste, Barrier, and MBarrier on the party.
    • Beachplug1
    Angel Whisper50Completely restores HP and cures Death, Sleep, Poison, Confuse, Silence, Slow, Stop, Frog, Small, Slow-numb, Petrify, Berserk, Paralyze, and Darkness of one target.
    • Pollensalta1
    Dragon Force19Raises one target's Defense and Magic Defense to 150%.
    • Dark Dragon1
    Death Force3Gives the Death Force status to one target.
    • Adamantaimai1
    Flame Thrower10Deals minor Fire damage to one target.
    • Ark Dragon
    • Dragon
    Laser16Deals Gravity damage equal to 1/2 of the target's current HP.
    • Dark Dragon1
    • Death Claw
    Matra Magic8Deals non-elemental damage to the target party.
    • Bullmotor
    • Custom Sweeper
    • Death Machine
    Bad Breath58Inflicts Sleep, Poison, Confuse, Silence, Frog, and Small on the target party.
    • Malboro
    Beta35Deals major Fire damage to the target party.
    • Midgar Zolom
    Aqualung34Deals major Water damage to the target party.
    • Jenova LIFE
    • Harpy
    • Serpent
    Trine20Deals moderate Lightning damage to the target party.
    • Materia Keeper
    • Godo
    • Stilva1
    Magic Breath75Deals major Fire, Ice, and Lightning damage to the target party.
    • Parasite1
    • Stilva
    ????3Deals non-elemental damage equal to the caster's max HP minus their current HP to one target.
    • Jersey
    • Behemoth
    Goblin Punch0Deals physical damage to one target. The damage is multiplied by 8 if the target's level and the caster's level is the same.
    • Goblin
    Chocobuckle3Deals damage to one target equal to the number of times the party has fled from battle.
    • Chocobo
    L5 Death22Casts Instant Death on a target if their level is a multiple of 5.
    • Parasite1
    Death Sentence10Inflicts the Death-sentence status on one target.
    • Boundfat
    • Gi Spector
    • Sneaky Step
    Roulette6Casts Instant Death on a single, random target.
    • Death Dealer
    Shadow Flare100Deals non-elemental damage to one target.
    • Safer Sephiroth (Post-JORG)
    • Ultimate Weapon (Cosmo Area)
    • Dragon Zombie
    • Ruby Weapon
    Pandora's Box110Deals non-elemental damage to all targets. Ignores Defense.
    • Dragon Zombie

    1 The Enemy Skill can only be learned by using Manip.
    2 You can only learn White Wind from Wind Wing if you cast Confuse on it.