Cloud, Tifa, and Barett from Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII: Every Main Character’s Age, Birthday, and Height

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Final Fantasy VII is one of the most iconic RPGs of all time. One of the elements that make this game so iconic is its unique cast. We’ve listed out the main characters of FFVII and included some basic information such as their age, birthday, height, and blood type.

FFVII Character Statistics

There are many characters in Final Fantasy VII, many of which are NPCs that are vital to the story. This list includes every main character and many of the NPCs that make the game what it is.

Note: There are many Final Fantasy VII installations, including Before Crisis, Crisis Core, Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, and others. The character stats in this list reflect that of the characters during the events of the original Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII Remake.

NameAgeBirthdayHeightBlood TypeOccupation
Cloud Strife21August 11, 19865'8" (173cm)ABMercenary
Tifa Lockheart20May 3, 19875'6" (167cm)BBartender, Avalanche Member
Barret Wallace35December 15, 19726'6" (197cm)OAvalanche Leader
Aerith Gainsborough22February 7, 19855'4" (163cm)OFlower Merchant
Red XIII (Nanaki)4819593'9" (120cm)n/aBeast
Cid Highwind32February 22, 19755'10" (178cm)BPilot
Cait Sithn/an/a3'4" (100cm)n/aSpy
Vincent Valentine27 (57 chronologically)October 13, 19506'0" (184cm)AHorror Researcher
Yuffie Kisaragi16November 20, 19915'2" (160cm)ANinja
Sephiroth27n/a6'1" (185cm) in FF7
6'7" (200cm) in FF7R
n/aSOLDIER 1st Class
Marlene Wallace42003n/an/an/a
Reno281979~5'7" (~176cm)n/aTurk
Rude301977~5'11" (~180cm)n/aTurk
Tseng301977~5'8" (~177cm)n/aTurk
Reeve Tuesti351972~5'11" (~180cm)n/aHead of Urban Development
Rufus Shinra251982n/an/aPresident of Shinra
Jessie Rasberry231984n/an/aAvalanche Member
Biggs251982n/an/aAvalanche Member
Wedge201987n/an/aAvalanche Member
Zack Fair2319846'1" (185cm)OSOLDIER 1st Class
Lucrecia CrescentJuly 22 (year unknown)n/a5'4" (163cm)BScientist