Aruna, The Angel of Death in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16: The Angel of Death Hunt Location and Rewards

Seek and confront the winged terror.

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Key Takeaway

You can find the Notorious Mark, Aruna, the Angel of Death, in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, specifically in the area of Claireview. Head southwest from the obelisk in Northreach to find her.

The Angel of Death is a Notorious Mark you can encounter in Final Fantasy 16 once you unlock the Hunt Board. Aruna is lurking somewhere in Claireview, in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, and she’s ready to give you a fight.

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    Where to Find Aruna, The Angel of Death

    The Angel of Death Location.

    After the Hunt Board is unlocked, Aruna, the Angel of Death, becomes available as a target. Aruna’s Hunt is located in the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, specifically in Claireview.

    The first step in this hunt is to fast-travel to Northreach. From the obelisk, head southwest across Claireview. You’ll see a giant winged harpy in the distance. This is your target.

    If you’re having trouble spotting Aruna, look at the map above to find the exact location.

    How to Beat Aruna

    How to Beat Aruna.

    Aruna is a formidable adversary in the Notorious Mark bounty hunts. This powerful enemy uses both ranged and melee attack patterns, making tactical utilization of your abilities necessary.

    • Melee: Aruna’s melee attacks manifest as wing swipes and charging attacks. Though these can deal a lot of damage, it’s easy to tell when they’re coming, so you have plenty of time to respond. Dodge and parry to avoid taking damage, and respond with attacks.
    • Ranged attacks: Aruna’s ranged attack is a wind projectile, used when Clive is further away from the enemy. You can avoid the attack and counter with an Eikonic ability or charged magic.
    • Beware of Aruna’s Speed: Aruna is very fast, making it sometimes difficult to get out of the way. Keep an eye on her movements and attack patterns, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Fast reactions and strategic planning are key to overcoming this battle.

    Use these strategies to counter Aruna’s attacks and create opportunities for your own offensive moves. With patience and good timing, you’ll soon overcome the Angel of Death.

    The Angel of Death Rewards

    The Angel of Death rewards.

    Completing The Angel of Death hunt results in a rewarding bounty. After successfully conquering this Notorious Mark, you’ll receive:

    • 10 Renown
    • 40 Ability Points
    • 6200 Gil
    • 402 Experience
    • Clouded Eye

    Defeating Aruna in Final Fantasy 16 proves not only a test of your combat skills and strategic thinking but also provides a bounty that can significantly help Clive in his adventure.