The Battle Stars reward screen in Fortnite

Fortnite: How to Get Battle Stars

You can stockpile Battle Stars or spend them instantly. Either way, you'll need to know how to get them.

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Key Takeaway

You can earn Battle Stars in Fortnite by leveling up efficiently. You’ll gain five Battle Stars per level, so you’ll need to maximise your XP gains in order to bank plenty of Battle Stars.

Battle Stars are an important currency in Fortnite and are required to unlock various items from the game’s Battle Pass. There are many ways to get Battle Stars, allowing you to fully capitalize on the game’s resources.

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    What Are Battle Stars?

    As a crucial Fortnite resource, Battle Stars are key to your progress through the Battle Pass. While the Battle Pass itself can be unlocked with V-Bucks, Battle Stars are the other main form of currency it requires.

    This is because they’re used to obtain the items available on each tier of the Fortnite Battle Pass. These items include a wide range of character skins, sprays, gliders, harvesting tools, and other cosmetics.

    The Battle Pass screen in Fortnite showing 100 V-Bucks.

    In addition, you can also exchange your Battle Stars for set amounts of V-Bucks on the Battle Pass. This effectively allows you to buy back the currency you spent on the Battle Pass in the first place. That way, you can start to save up some vital V-Bucks for the next Battle Pass, or you can use them on any other items on offer in the Item Shop.

    In short, Battle Stars are an important resource that you’ll want to start cultivating in Fortnite. That way, you’ll be able to get your hands on everything the Battle Pass has to offer over the course of a season.

    How to Get Battle Stars

    Getting Battle Stars in Fortnite boils down to a consistent leveling-up process. You earn five Battle Stars automatically each time you level up in-game. With that in mind, you’ll want to ensure you’re playing strategically in order to obtain plenty of Battle Stars during your Fortnite matches.

    Leveling up is all about gaining valuable XP and maximizing the amount of it you gain during matches. There are various ways of doing this; simply playing the game will gradually boost your level and earn you those Battle Stars. However, there are some things to consider if you want to accumulate your Battle Stars in an efficient way.

    Challenges and Quests

    Making sure you work through the game’s multitude of challenges and quests is the best way to get some big XP gains. This will help you level up much quicker and bag you a wealth of Battle Stars in the process. Ensure you complete your Daily, Weekly, Explorer, and Milestone quests to maximize your leveling-up strategy.

    The quests tab in Fortnite.

    Also, be sure to keep an eye on the quests tab, as new missions are introduced into Fortnite pretty regularly. These will give you further opportunities to raise your level and get even more Battle Stars.

    Survival Matters

    Simply outlasting other players in matches will earn you a decent amount of XP. Surviving storm circles will also bag you plenty of XP. Staying alive, eating foraged items, hunting wildlife, and finding chests and ammo boxes to loot will all add valuable XP to your level meter.

    In addition, you’re awarded a certain amount of XP for each successful elimination in Fortnite. Try to rack up your kill count to boost your overall XP gains.

    Aim for a Winning Position

    You’re awarded XP for finishing in the top 20, top 10, or for winning the match with a Victory Royale. It almost goes without saying but aim for a spot in at least the top 20 to bag yourself some extra XP. You’ll find those Battle Stars are within reach a lot quicker this way.

    It’s often easier to reach those higher-ranking positions if you squad up or play with a friend. However, it’s still completely possible to earn that winning Victory Royale in solo mode too!

    Buy Levels to Get Battle Stars

    Alternatively, you can use V-Bucks to buy levels in order to get your hands on some Battle Stars quickly. You can purchase one level at a time to receive five Battle Stars.

    The buy levels screen in Fortnite.

    Or, if you have enough V-Bucks to do so, you can purchase a special 25-level bundle in Fortnite once per season. This will reward you with 125 Battle Stars, as well as 25 additional levels on top of your current one.

    Try Out Different Game Modes

    Fortnite has a variety of Creative modes in addition to the standard Battle Royale gameplay. Some of these also award a decent amount of XP for playing. So it’s worth exploring all of the different options in Epic Games and its community’s library. Plus, it’s often great fun trying out some of the community-created content, especially when it allows you to level up at the same time.

    Using Your Battle Stars

    You can use your Battle Stars as you see fit within the Battle Pass. This means that you’re not locked into spending them in a linear fashion. Instead, you can pick and choose with Battle Pass rewards you’d like to unlock first.

    If there’s a particular item that catches your eye, there’s no requirement to have purchased all of the previous tier rewards before unlocking it. That’s as long as you have the required amount of Battle Stars, of course.

    The claim pages screen in Fortnite, showing a Moonglow Selene skin.

    The exception to this is to do with certain skins. You’ll often find these at the end of a particular Battle Pass page, and often they’ll provide stylish new looks for previously-unlocked skins, or new character skins entirely. Often, these high-rarity items will require you to have claimed all of the Battle Pass rewards on the previous pages before allowing you to exchange your Battle Stars.

    In any case, you can see how many Battle Stars you’ll need in total to claim the entirety of the season’s rewards in the main Battle Pass screen. Simply select ‘claim all pages’ and it’ll show you exactly how many Battle Stars are required to claim every page of the pass.