Getting the Friend Potatoes and Bacon Recipe from the Mayor in Harvest Moon 64.

Harvest Moon 64 Recipes: How to Get Them All

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Knowing good recipes is a great way to boost your quality of life in the real world and also in Harvest Moon 64. The villagers know how to create many great dishes, and they’re just waiting to be discovered. Here’s how to get all Harvest Moon 64 recipes.

How to Learn Recipes

In Harvest Moon 64, you get recipes by giving ingredients to specific villagers. For example, you can learn how to make Rolled Cabbage by giving a Cabbage to Maria, or Fried Potatoes and Bacon by giving a Potato to the Mayor.

Giving a Potato to the Mayor in Harvest Moon 64.

To give the villagers an ingredient, talk to them while holding it. Be sure that you aren’t off a bit and throw the ingredient by mistake—there’s no getting it back!

Recipes are collected in your Recipe Book, which you can view once you get the Kitchen extension.

Complete Recipes List

Here is the list of recipes you can get in Harvest Moon 64, the ingredients required to get the recipe, and who to give the ingredients to.

Cream of Turnip StewMayor's WifeTurnip
Easy Tomato SoupZackTomatoListed as "Tomato Crem Soup" in the Recipe Book
Tomato RiceSashaTomatoYou must have a certain affection level with Sasha
Simple Tomato SoupPastor BrownTomato
Corn FritterDougCorn
Corn PastBasilCorn
Mashed PotatoAnnPotato
Fried Potatoes and BaconMayorPotato
Vegetable Tomato StewLilliaTomatoListed as "Twice Cooked Tomatoes and Greens" in the Recipe Book
Garlic Potato BeefHarrisPotato
Eggplant with Miso PasteMidwifeEggplant
Rolled CabbageMariaCabbage
Stuffed OmeletGrayEggYou must have a certain affection level with Gray
Spa-poached EggKentEgg
Handmade ButterRickEgg
Mushroom RiceHead CarpenterMushroom
Fried CharGregLarge Fish
Grilled Trout with CheeseCarpenter #1Medium+ Fish
Char Stuffed MushroomsCarpenter #2Mushroom
Steamed Clams with WineGotzWild GrapesYou must have a certain affection level with Gotz
Miso Soup with SproutsPotion Shop DealerEdible Herb
Sesame Dandelion GreensSaibaraMedicinal Herb
Mushroom SalsaHarvest SpritesMushroom
Strawberry DogStuStrawberry
Herb Rice CakeSydneyEdible HerbThis recipe is only available in the Spring
Bread PuddingElliEgg or Milk
Walnut CakeEllenWalnutListed as "Herb Rice Cake" in the Recipe Book
Potato PancakeMayPotato
Strawberry JamPopuriStrawberries
Strawberry ChampagneKarenStrawberries
Veryberry WineKaiVeryberry Fruit
Spice TeaCliffEgg or MilkThis recipe is only available in the Winter
Hot Spicy WineDukeWild Grapes
Cinnamon Milk TeaJeffMilk
Turnip & Cabbage PreservesBarleyCabbage or Turnip

Where to Get the Ingredients

Carrying Ingredients for Recipes in Harvest Moon 64.

Each ingredient that’s required for a recipe is acquired by farming, foraging, fishing, or raising livestock. Some ingredients are also seasonal, so plan ahead. Here’s when and where you can find each ingredient.

  • Turnip: Grown in the Spring. Takes 4 days to grow.
  • Tomato: Grown in the Summer. Takes 9 days to grow.
  • Corn: Grown in the Summer. Takes 13 days to grow.
  • Potato: Grown in the Spring. Takes 6 days to grow.
  • Eggplant: Grown in the Fall. Takes 7 days to grow.
  • Cabbage: Grown in the Spring. Takes 7 days to grow.
  • Egg: All year. You must raise a Chicken for it to produce an Egg. A healthy adult Chicken produces 1 Egg per day.
  • Milk: All year. You must raise a Cow for it to produce Milk. A healthy adult Cow produces 1 Milk per day.
  • Mushroom: Foraged in Fall.
  • Medium and Large Fish: All year. Fish in the River or Lake, or at the Beach.
  • Wild Grapes: Foraged in Fall.
  • Edible Herb: Foraged in Spring through Fall.
  • Medicinal Herb: Foraged in Spring through Fall.
  • Strawberry: Grown in the Winter. Takes 3 days to grow. Requires a Greenhouse.
  • Walnut: Foraged in Summer.
  • Veryberry Fruit: Foraged in Spring.

There is one villager that’s noteworthy when it comes to recipes. Without giving too much away, try not to wait too long to get that Walnut Cake.