Crafting a Hammer in Harvestella.

Harvestella: How to Craft the Hammer

Time to bust some rocks.

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Key Takeaway

You can craft the hammer by getting the Hammer recipe on Spring Zephyr Day 3, gathering 10 Hard Stones, and then crafting the Hammer at your crafting station.

At the beginning of Harvestella, the Mayor lets you stay at Birds Eye Brae, which has a nice cottage and a decent plot of land. Unfortunately, there are several stones on the farmland. You’ll need to craft a hammer to clear them out.

Table Of Contents

    Unlock the Hammer Recipe

    To unlock the hammer recipe, you’ll have to play through a couple of days. At the beginning of the Spring Zephyr Day 3, the Mayor will discuss some business with you–which includes using the crafting table in your cottage. You’ll receive the Hammer recipe here.

    How to Find Hard Stone

    The crafting recipe for the Hammer is 10 Hard Stones. You can get Hard Stones from mining spots. At this point in the game, you can find mining spots at Njord Steppe and on your farm.

    Getting a Hard Stone from a mining spot in Harvestella.

    You can get two items from a single mining spot each day. The mining spots regenerate on the next day. You have a high chance of obtaining Hard Stone from the mining spots, but there’s also a chance you’ll get other items such as Lumber, Wild Leaf, and Monolite Fragment.

    If you mine each day, and with a little luck, you can get the required ingredients as early as Spring Zephyr Day 4, but realistically, it will take a couple of extra days.

    Craft the Hammer

    The Crafting Station in Harvestella.

    Once you’ve gathered 10 Hard Stones, enter your cottage and head over to the Crafting Table. Select Hammer from the crafting list and then select Create. It takes 10 minutes to craft the Hammer.