HROT Shotgun pointed at man riding horse.

Indie Retro FPS HROT Updated With Episode 2

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Fans of indie retro FPS titles should rejoice as HROT has recently been updated with its second episode. Released yesterday afternoon as part of the game’s version 0.5.5 update, this early access shooter is one step closer to being complete.

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    Slav Jank at Its Finest

    Created by a single person, HROT is the work of Czech developer Spytihněv and is inspired by such titles as Quake, Hexen, and most importantly, Chasm: The Rift. Released last January into early access on Steam, HROT made headlines for its lightning-fast movement, excellent weapons, and positively creepy atmosphere. If you’ve never heard of the term Slav Jank, HROT is the epitome of that.

    A short teaser released on YouTube gives players an idea of some of the new weapons and monsters they’ll be dealing with in episode 2. One notable inclusion is a rather ridiculous man riding a horse, which animates about as well as you’d expect for a game of this caliber.

    Lock and Load

    The timing of this release couldn’t be any better as Valve has just started the Steam Summer Sale for 2022. HROT can currently be grabbed for $15.59 as it is 22% off. While not yet a finished game, it comes highly recommended in its current form. The game captures a very specific era of FPS design that the best of recent indie releases have managed to make fresh again. With many not having played Chasm: The Rift, HROT’s specific charms may also prove wholly unique.

    As for what the future holds, the short update post on the Steam community forum indicates that work on Episode 3 will begin after a short summer break. Considering how both of these episodes are solid already, it stands to reason that the wait will be worth it for the inevitable conclusion.