Peter Glagowski

Peter Glagowski is an independent writer and critic with a focus on pop culture and entertainment. Having previously contributed to outlets such as Destructoid, Flixist, TheGamer, and TechRaptor, he certainly knows a thing or two about video games and the experiences they can cultivate.

When not enjoying video games, Peter has a fondness for film and a particular interest in old-school Hong Kong cinema. Start talking about Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, or Sammo Hung, and you'll get his attention. As well as a penchant for physical displays of athleticism, Peter regularly goes to the gym and has pursued an interest in personal training. If you ever need to figure out how to combat fatigue from gaming for extended periods, Peter is your go-to guy.

As for which games Peter likes the most, his two favorite franchises are The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario. Having grown up with Nintendo consoles in the early 90s, the Big N still holds a special place in his heart. When not gushing about Nintendo's latest nostalgia-fest, Peter is also particularly fond of Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter, and Yakuza.

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