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Killzone Shadow Fall and Mercenary Servers Shutting Down Next Month

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Developer Guerilla Games has announced that multiplayer servers for Killzone Shadow Fall and Mercenary will be shutting down on August 12, 2022. VR game RIGS: Mechanized Combat League will also be losing its multiplayer functionality on the same day.

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    Casualties of War

    Developer Guerilla Games may be better known for the Horizon series nowadays, but it got its start on PlayStation with Killzone all the way back on the PS2. Originally touted as a Halo killer, the series would grow in both quality and popularity as it made the jump to PS3 due in no small part to one of the most notorious E3 trailers ever made. The final installment in the series, Shadow Fall, was a launch title for the PS4 and it kicked the generation off with aplomb. Sadly, the series seems to be on ice and the recent news of its multiplayer servers being shut down doesn’t inspire much hope in fans for its future.

    Mercenary, on the other hand, was one of the few FPS titles released on PlayStation Vita that didn’t feel like a rushed mess. It translated the Killzone formula well to Sony’s ill-fated portable console and had a rather robust online mode that felt like a complete console game. Sadly, this will be going the way of the dodo soon.

    Call Your Friends

    With less than a month to get your final matches in, now is the perfect time to call up some of your friends and relive memories of the start of the PS4 generation. This is also a warning to anyone that likes collecting trophies as both games will lose modes required for a Platinum. It’s never a good thing when online functionality gets stripped out of titles, but both games are nearing their 10th anniversaries. Eventually, this was bound to happen.