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King of Fighters XV Getting Crossplay, Samurai Shodown Getting Rollback in 2023

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During the first day of EVO 2022, SNK revealed that King of Fighters XV would be receiving a crossplay update next year. Along with that update, 2018’s Samurai Shodown will be getting rollback netcode on most platforms in 2023.

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    Nowhere is Safe

    When King of Fighters XV was released earlier this year, the general reception to it had been excellent. More so than the previous installment, this newest crossover fighter from SNK was seen as a return to form and featured a solid implementation of rollback netcode for its online infrastructure. Sadly, the game was lacking in crossplay support, segmenting players based on the console they purchased the game on (save for PS4 and PS5 players). SNK has been listening, though, and announced during EVO 2022 that KOFXV would finally receive full crossplay. This will let players battle it out across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

    King of Fighters XV might be the new hotness, but SNK’s previous fighting juggernaut, Samurai Shodown, isn’t being forgotten about. Released many moons ago on consoles, the biggest fault of Samurai Shodown was its lackluster netcode. Players have complained since launch that the game just does not perform well enough online and SNK is finally addressing those concerns. In the Spring of 2023, Samurai Shodown will receive a rollback update on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC that integrates King of Fighters XV’s netcode solution into the game. While crossplay isn’t being added, at least players will finally be able to embrace death without worrying about lag spikes.

    What’s Next?

    King of Fighters XV’s crossplay update isn’t the end of SNK’s plans for the game. Launching next week on all platforms will be “Team Awakened Orochi.” This will bring Orochi variants of Shermie, Chris, and Yashiro to the roster for players to battle with. As well as that, a second season of DLC fighters was announced, though no further details were given. Much like with Samurai Shodown, SNK will be supporting its new fighter for the foreseeable future.