Haschel and Lavitz fighting in new Legend of Dragoon Tekken 7 mod.

New Legend of Dragoon Mod Showcased for Tekken 7

Stephanie is a writer at VGKAMI and a long-time lover of video games—specifically JRPGs. Anything in the fantasy genre is her jam, and she vows to bring back The Legend of Dragoon one day. Stephanie has also worked as an editor at TheGamer and published features for NME.

Today, a new Legend of Dragoon mod was revealed for Tekken 7. You will be able to fight as all your favorite characters from The Legend of Dragoon, though a release date hasn’t yet been posted.

The Legend of Dragoon community has continued with their work to keep the game alive and prosperous more than twenty years after its initial launch. The community has given us all sorts of gems over the years—a website, podcast, comic, upscale project, and even a partial remake in RPG maker.

But as of today, we’ve gotten a sneak peek into their newest gift—a Legend of Dragoon mod for Tekken 7.

The mod features many of the beloved Legend of Dragoon characters including Dart, Shana, Haschel, Rose, Lavitz, Meru, and even everyone’s favorite villain—Lloyd. With this mod, you will be able to fight with any of these characters or beat the ones you don’t like to a pulp in Tekken 7.

In the trailer, it’s also confirmed that the mod includes some of the voices of each of the characters as they fight. Additionally, the original Legend of Dragoon battle music can be heard playing in the background, including several of the different boss theme tracks. We can even see some purple electricity around Haschel, capturing the feel of his dragoon powers from the original game.

Thus far, a specific launch date has not been announced for this mod. However, we can guess that we will be seeing it soon with how proactive the community seems to be.