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MultiVersus Rick & Morty Stage Unlocked in Three Hours

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On Twitter yesterday, WB Games teased a new Rick & Morty stage in MultiVersus with a community challenge: wrack up 10 million ring-outs. Players banded together and completed the challenge within three hours, adding the Cromulons arena as a playable stage.

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    Show Us What You Got

    MultiVersus, the Warner Bros. crossover fighter, entered open beta this past week and has already started teasing new content for its first season. While LeBron James was added to the roster as the first DLC fighter, the venerable duo Rick & Morty will be coming soon to bring their unique brand of hijinx into the fray. In an effort to hype up their arrival, WB Games issued a challenge to players of its hit fighter to accumulate 10 million ring-outs for a new stage based on the duo’s show. Taking the form of the music stage from the season two episode “Get Schwifty,” the new arena was unlocked in mere hours by the community.

    Get Schwifty

    In a weird turn of events, the Cromulons stage has been added to MultiVersus before either Rick or Morty has been made playable in the game. There are some players online that seem to have early access to the characters, but the official website for MultiVersus lists both as “coming soon.” WB Games will likely update the title in the coming weeks with both fighters, possibly issuing another community challenge to hasten the process. With the success of the game, that challenge may be squashed within a similarly short time frame.