A screenshot from the new free-to-play MMO Tower of Fantasy.

New MMO Tower of Fantasy Suffers Server Issues on Launch Day

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Yesterday, the free-to-play MMORPG Tower of Fantasy was released on PC and mobile devices. Similar to Genshin Impact with a heavier focus on multiplayer, the game’s launch was marred by long queues, server issues, and login errors.

Created by the Chinese developer Hotta Studio, Tower of Fantasy hopes to garner the same level of success that Genshin Impact managed to attain via its gacha mechanics. Although it has more sci-fi flare, it’s impossible to watch footage of the game and not see the blatant similarities to the other Chinese gaming juggernaut.

Check out the launch trailer for the title below.

As with the launch of most MMOs, Tower of Fantasy‘s release wasn’t as smooth as the developers would have liked. Players reported extremely high wait times, with one Twitter user claiming that they had trying to play the game for 25 hours when the servers suddenly went down.

“We would like to say that we are well aware that Tower of Fantasy still has many shortcomings. We will work hard to improve them, but some bugs and issues may be unavoidable after the official launch,” Hotta Studio said in a statement.

As of this morning, the problems seem to have largely calmed down. Still, the team behind Tower of Fantasy is making things right by offering players some free goodies to apologize for the troubled launch. All players will find 600 Dark Crystals in their in-game mailbox. You’ll only have two weeks to claim them, and even those who were unaffected will be able to claim this gift.

In the Tower of Fantasy, players will travel to the alien world of Aida where they must save what is left of humankind. Players are able to customize their character, and the game features a deep combat system in which a character has access to three weapons during battle. Using one weapon will charge the other two, and once fully powered up, they can be used to unleash devastating attacks. The game’s massive world can be traversed using everything from motorcycles to jetpacks.

For those wondering where the gacha system comes in, that would be the Simulacrum system. The Simulacrum are ancient heroes preserved as AI, and these incredible warriors can be unlocked using real-world money.

Tower of Fantasy is now available to play on PC, as well as on Android and iOS devices. There has been no word on whether the title would be making its way to consoles in the future.