A pile of disheveled rugs that will be in this new Skyrim mod.

New Skyrim Mod Allows for Players and NPCs to Trip on Disheveled Rugs

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One Skyrim fan desired an immersive Skyrim experience so much that they decided to put in the time to create a mod. This mod disrupts rugs in Skyrim and makes it so that players and NPCs can trip over them.

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    If you’ve played a bit of Skyrim, you might have noticed that every rug in each house, shop, or inn are always perfectly flat. Apparently, this was enough to motivate one fan into creating a mod to tackle this problem. The mod creator, known by johnskyrim, argues that rugs being perfectly flat all the time takes away from the immersive experience of the game because it’s simply unrealistic.

    What’s Included in the Mod

    The creator notes that this mod replaces almost 300 rug references with new, disrupted meshes. This will not have an impact on every rug in the game, only the ones that the creator has deemed make sense to change. This mod adds more than 50 new rug mesh variants with four total variants per rug (including the default). Additionally, it’s a conflict-free ESL plugin.

    How the Mod Works

    With this mod, every common rug would now have a chance to be messy. “The rug will randomly become unkempt again after 1 day but may take as long as 2 in-game weeks to get messy again,” the creator explains. “If a rug has already been fixed, it won’t be interactive until it has become messy again.” Fixing rugs can be done by interacting with the center of it.

    As promised, unkempt rugs can now trip the player and other NPCs. The following are the trip rates that go along with this mod:

    • 3% chance when walking
    • 5% chance when running
    • 7% chance when sprinting

    Required Mods

    To take advantage of this mod and immerse yourself further in Skyrim, there are a couple other mods you’ll need to have already: