Preview of giant scrap metal facility in Splatoon 3.

New Splatoon 3 Map Announced, Takes Place in Giant Scrap Metal Facility

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Earlier today, on July 4, the official Twitter account for Splatoon North America posted an announcement. According to them, we will be getting a new map in Splatoon 3 called Mincemeat Metalworks, which is a giant scrap metal facility.

The tweet from Splatoon North America reads, “Squid Research Lab here with a meaty discovery—this is rare imagery of a new multiplayer stage: Mincemeat Metalworks! The facility was made FROM scrap metal in order to make MORE scrap metal. Also, there was a sea here that evaporated. Surely unrelated to heavy industry!”

Beneath the text, they included a brief trailer to showcase what the map will look like:

Nintendo hasn’t been shy about revealing new maps for Splatoon 3. It was only last month that they revealed a different new map called Undertow Spillway, an abandoned former flood bypass. In Nintendo’s words, “This abandoned facility is another shining example of upcycling, as the varied terrain lends itself to strategic and hard-fought skirmishes among Splatsville locals.”

Splatoon 3 will be launching on September 9, 2022. This release date was announced a couple months ago, and with it came another trailer showcasing more Splatoon 3 gameplay and its catchy soundtrack. You can check out this trailer below: