The Mysterious Box scene.

Octopath Traveler 2: A Mysterious Box Guide

That's it... My treasure...

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A Mysterious Box is a side quest in Octopath Traveler 2 that’s given to you by the Young Collector, located to the right of the Shrine of Ul’sterra in Merry Hills, Crestlands. This quest is one of the most mysterious stories you’ll encounter.

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    Take the Mysterious Box to House Wellows Manor

    To initiate the quest, use a Path Action to acquire the Mysterious Box from the Young Collector in Merry Hills. The Mysterious Box has the letters “We…ws” carved on it. Once you take it from the Young Collector, he’ll mention that he felt like he was in a dream.

    Now you’ll need to head to Hows Wellows Manor in the Leaflands. This manor is located to the south of Timberain and has a Danger Level of 50. Leave Timberain and head in the direction of the manor. On the way, you’ll hear a voice saying to return the box.

    The mysterious voice on the way to House Wellows Manor.

    Keep heading in that direction and enter the House Wellows Manor. Change the time to Night and enter the middle room. Talk to the Woman in the Ruins and give her the Mysterious Box.

    The Mysterious Box Rewards

    The Mysterious Box rewards.

    Your rewards for returning the Mysterious Box to its rightful owner are:

    • 6,666 Leaves
    • Reaper’s Sickle

    The quest is over, but we’re still unsure what the Mysterious Box really was.

    The Worn Journal

    There’s a journal that gives you a bit of context about what the mysterious box is. If you’re leaving Timberain, head south and then east until you see a dock. Take the canoe out to the area where you see the flash, signaling an item. Pick up the item to acquire the Worn Journal.

    The Worn Journal location.

    What a sad story.