The Elderly Guard saying Mira said something about a gondola.

Octopath Traveler 2: Mira and the Elderly Guard’s Next Chapter Guide

Bring this sad story to its conclusion.

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Mira and the Elderly Guard’s Next Chapter is a side quest in Octopath Traveler 2 that you can take on after you complete Throné’s story. To initiate this quest, talk to the Elderly Guard near the entrance of Wellgrove, Leaflands. It appears Mira has taken off, and he needs your help finding her.

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    Recruit the Elderly Guard

    When speaking to the Elderly Guard, he mentions that Mira mentioned a gondola before she left. This is a clue as to where to go next. However, you’ll need to take the Elderly Guard with you, so use a Path Action to recruit him.

    Recruiting the Elderly Guard.

    Once recruited, it’s time to head out to this gondola.

    Where to Find Mira

    The next step in this quest is to visit the Guide near the Ropeway, which is located in the Deserted Highroad. It doesn’t matter which way you come from, so you can fast-travel to either Lostseed or New Delsta, though the former is the quicker route.

    The Guide of the Gondola near Lostseed.

    The Guide will mention that he saw a little girl not too long ago. This is Mira, so agree to ride the ropeway toward Lostseed. Regardless of which side you come from, the cutscene takes place from the New Delsta side of the ropeway.

    Walk up the stairs and past the save point. You’ll see a girl walking up the next flight of stairs. Follow her, and climb up the ladder in the tower. At the top, you’ll find Mira, and a heartwarming cutscene will take place.

    The Elderly Guard asking Mira to be his daughter.

    Mira agrees to be the Elderly Guard’s daughter, and they head back to the Orphanage together.

    Mira and the Elderly Guard’s Next Chapter Rewards

    Rewards for completing Mira and the Elderly Guard's Next Chapter.

    Your rewards for reuniting Mira and the Elderly Guard are:

    • 9,000 Leaves
    • Vengeful Knife

    The Vengeful Knife likely has its name due to the sad backstory behind why Mira would have a knife to begin with. Luckily, she’s not going to need it anymore.