Octopath Traveler 2

Octopath Traveler 2: Which Character Should You Start With?

Decisions, decisions...

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Octopath Traveler 2 features eight playable characters, and you have to choose one to start the game with. Each character has different traits that make them unique, which can make your decision a tough one. There are a few things you’ll want to consider before you make the choice.

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    Choosing Your Starting Character

    When you first start the game, you’ll see eight characters scattered around on a map. Hovering the cursor over the character gives some basic information about them, such as their Path Actions, Talent, Latent Power, and background.

    You can use this information to decide if the character matches your playstyle. For example, if you generally like to be a tank, Hikari the Warrior may be a good starting option. Or, if you like to rack up on useful weapons and supplies as early as you can, you may want to go with Throné the Thief.

    There are a few other factors you’ll want to consider, though. For starters, the character you choose to start the game with will permanently be in your party until you complete each chapter of their story. You’ll also want to keep in mind where your starting character is in relation to other characters you think would benefit you on your journey.

    There’s really no definitive answer about who to start with. You’ll need to get to know the characters, introduced below, and decide for yourself where you want to start.

    Scholar Osvald

    Scholar Osvald

    Osvald is a master class in the job of a Scholar. He can study foes, which gives him insights into their weaknesses, allowing yohimu to be a formidable opponent with an upper hand in battle. He’s also great at casting spells which, at a great cost of Mana, hit multiple targets in an area. His Latent Power allows him to focus that magic on a single source, dealing more damage to the target.

    Osvald is also a detective by day and a thief by night. He can Scrutinize townspeople to gather information, and Mug them to steal valuable items.

    Osvald is a great choice if you like to start off with a spellcaster while still being able to steal resources from townspeople. He starts off Throné and Temenos, making them your next likely party members.

    Cleric Temenos

    Cleric Temenos

    Temenos is a staff-wielding master of holy magic who can heal the entire party and weaken enemies’ Shield Points without regard to their weakness to your attack type. He can Guide NPCs during the day, which gives you a +1 in battle when you summon them. At night, he can Coerce people, but you’ll have to break their shield in battle to successfully do so.

    Temenos has a unique Talent called Moonlight Judgment, which inflicts debuffs on your enemies at night. His story starts near Throné and Temenos, which complement him well.

    Thief Throné

    Thief Throne

    Throné is a nimble Thief that uses the Steal ability to snag useful items and equipment from townspeople. Unintuitively, this skill is available during the day. At night, Throné uses Ambush to knock them unconscious, which is sometimes useful for clearing a path in an otherwise inaccessible location (wouldn’t that be the best time to mug them?).

    Her Talent grants allies with augmenting effects at night, and her Latent Power lets her act twice in a single turn. Her useful suite of skills makes her a great choice as a starting character.

    Throné starts nearby Temenos, and somewhat in between Osvald and Ochette.

    Hunter Ochette

    Hunter Ochette

    Ochette is a cute but fearsome Hunter that strikes fear in the hearts of humans and beasts. She can use Provoke to engage in battle with townspeople, and she can also capture beasts and turn them into items.

    Ochette also has a sweet side, though. Instead of just pummeling them, she can also Befriend townspeople, which allows them to join you as a +1. If that weren’t enough, she can also gain access to special skills by channeling her inner beast.

    Ochette starts nearby Throné and Castti. She’s sort of placed in the middle of all of the characters, meaning the party members you decide to have join your party next can greatly vary between playthroughs.

    Apothecary Castti

    Apothecary Castti

    Castti is a loving Apothecary who’s purpose in life is bringing healing to others. She can Soothe the pain of the townspeople by giving them medicine, she can Concoct healing and damaging compounds by crafting materials—or without using materials at all. Ochette also has an inquisitive nature and can use Inquire to glean information from townspeople.

    To make Castti useful, you really need a good bit of supplies that you won’t have at the beginning of the game. However, you’ll have access to healing magic that can be extremely useful.

    Ochette starts nearby Partitio, and is almost equally distanced between Ochette, Hikari, and Agnea.

    Merchant Partitio

    Merchant Partitio

    Partitio is his name and procurement is his game. Whether you want to Purchase goods from the townsfolk or Hire them to bring them with you on your adventure, there’s nothing Partitio negotiate. In fact, his main Talent is called Business Partners, where he gets various benefits by leveraging the help of your hired talent.

    Partitio isn’t great at combat, as he plays more of a support role. The major benefit of using Partitio, aside from his Latent Power that replenishes all of your BP, is his ability to earn lots of money early on by using Collect. This, on top of being able to haggle purchases, will quickly fill your pouch with gold.

    Partitio starts almost equally distanced between Agnea and Castti, and isn’t too far away from Hikari, the dangerous Warrior.

    Dancer Agnea

    Dancer Agnea

    Agnea is a bubbly Dancer with one goal—bringing smiles to the faces of people. She can Allure townspeople, having them join her company wherever she goes, and has a Talent that allows her to dance with the allured individual, which provides various effects to the player. She can also use Entreat, which allows her to sweet talk townspeople into giving her their items—a very useful skill throughout the game, but especially early on.

    Agnea is more of a support character, so you’ll likely find battles more challenging if you start the game off with her. Ochette starts near Partitio, who is also more of a support character, making her an even more difficult starting choice. However, she’s not too far away from Hikari, which is a fantastic offensive character.

    Warrior Hikari

    Warrior Hikari

    Hikari is a Warrior and lives up to the name. He can’t use magic, but he more than makes up for it with his offensive stats. True to the job, Hikari can Challenge townspeople to battle, and master useful skills during this challenges.

    However, Hikari also has a dark side. He can Bribe townspeople for information, and also unleash his darkness to gain access to special abilities.

    Hikari is a great choice to start the game with, as he is able to deal massive damage to enemies, making him an easy choice for a solo adventure until you find your first companion. Hikari starts south of Agnea, Partitio, and Castti, giving you plenty of options for you next recruit.