Overwatch 2 Reveal Event title image.

Overwatch 2 Reveal Event Shows Timeline of New Content and More

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Today, on June 16, Blizzard hosted a reveal event for Overwatch 2. During this event, we’ve learned more about the game’s move to free-to-play live service, Junker Queen, other Heroes, maps, modes, and the content schedule.

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    Overwatch 2 Moves to Free-to-Play Live Service

    After being teased many times throughout the years, the PvP part of Overwatch 2 is finally confirmed to launch as a free-to-play live service on October 4, 2022. The reveal event showed us an overview of the following content that will be coming:

    • Content that is consistently evolving and expanding through seasonal drops
    • New content every nine weeks
    • New PvP mode called “Push”
    • New cosmetic items in in-game store
    • The inclusion of fan-favorite content from the first Overwatch
    • Upgraded audio features
    • Over 25,000 new voice lines for characters
    • Doing away with loot boxes
    • A focus on Sci-Fi/futuristic feel

    Season One of Overwatch 2 (October 4)

    During the event, the team revealed what we will be getting with Overwatch 2‘s launch on October 4:

    • Three new heroes (Sojourn, Junker Queen, and new support hero to be revealed later)
    • Six new maps
    • New game mode
    • 30+ new skins
    • New mythic skin

    Season Two of Overwatch 2 (December 6)

    • New tank hero
    • New map
    • 30+ new skins
    • New mythic skin
    • New Battle Pass

    2023 Overwatch 2

    • New Heroes
    • New Maps
    • New Modes
    • New Skins
    • PvE Begins

    Overwatch 2 PvP

    New PvP "Push" in action showing fighting and barricade.

    The team talks about how they want players to feel like they have more impact, so they made major changes to the PvP in Overwatch 2:

    • 6v6 to 5v5
    • How they’ve designed and balanced heroes, especially tanks
    • Maps have been changed and refreshed (lighting, art, shadows, daytime and nighttime options)
    • Reworking scoreboard, providing players with more info as they play a match
    • After-action report once match is finished
    • Skill rating will now have tiers

    Push (new PvP)

    Also explained in the Overwatch 2 reveal trailer today is the new PvP called “Push.” For this game, there is one path that goes all the way through the map from one base to another. In the middle of the map is TS-1, a robot with a pair of barricades next to it. Players fight for control, and if they gain control through taking out the other team, TS-1 will move the barricade towards the enemy base. To win, you either get the barricade all the way to the enemy base, or the winner is whichever team has moved their barricade further.

    New Maps

    Example of new Overwatch 2 map showing tower.

    The team explained that they’ve done a fair amount of research for their upcoming maps for Overwatch 2. Some of the new maps showcased include:

    • Rio (Brazilian map)
    • a map that takes place in Portugal (Push map)

    New Rewards

    Some of the earnable rewards in the new PvP include:

    • Weapon Charms
    • Banners
    • Mythic skin (above Legendary skin)

    Sneak Peek of PvE (2023)

    Finally, the team shared a sneak peak into the upcoming PvE. They explained that they’ve given tidbits of story throughout Overwatch so far, and this PvE will take all of the tidbits and make them into a cohesive picture of the lore. It will also include maps specific to PvE.