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PlatinumGames Is Working on a New In-House IP

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In an interview posted today on July 20, 2022, some executives from PlatinumGames revealed that the company is currently working on a new IP in addition to pushing forward on Project GG and other titles.

*Please note that all quotations used in this article have been translated from Japanese to English via Google Translate. Thus, some quotations may not be exact to the original source.

Today, Famitsu published an interview with some of the executives at PlatinumGames, the studio behind Bayonetta 3. This includes Atsushi Inaba, Hideki Kamiya, and the newly appointed vice president, Takao Yamane. In the interview, the three spent a while discussing Yamane’s transition from working for Nintendo to working with PlatinumGames. Yamane explains that he left Nintendo on good terms, but he simply felt that he was at a “turning point” in his life and wanted to take on “another challenge.”

After discussing more specifics on the roles that each of the three contribute to PlatinumGames, they began discussing the company’s projects. When asked how many titles they were developing, they gave the following response:

Nintendo’s Bayonetta 3, which has already been announced, is currently underway. There are a few other unreleased titles, some of which are on the brink of production, and some of which are still in their infancy, but we can’t say anything because they’re announced by the publisher.

This means that PlatinumGames is, in fact, working on some unannounced titles that we’re likely going to see soon. Furthermore, they go on to elaborate that not only are they also still working on Project GG, but they’re launching another new IP:

On the other hand, the title we are trying to sell is Project GG (tentative). In addition to that, we are in the stage of launching another company IP. All of them are large-scale projects, so PlatinumGames is really short of people right now.

They also noted that Project GG might be ready for a better look next summer, though they did not specify a date.