All the Shiny Eevee evolutions with the Pokémon GO logo in the middle.

Pokémon GO: Every Shiny Eevee Evolution, Ranked

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Key Takeaway

The best Shiny Eevee evolutions are ranked in the following ascending order based on max CP, stats, performance in battle, and appearance: Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Vaporeon, Sylveon, then Umbreon at the top.

To get Shiny Eevee evolutions, you’ll need to catch or hatch a Shiny Eevee. Since Shiny Eevees are not the easiest to get, you’ll want to know how to prioritize which Eeveelution you want to evolve it into.

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    Types of Eeveelutions

    Eevee can evolve into eight different Pokémon: Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon. Each of these Pokémon are different types and have different appearances and abilities.

    How to Get Eeveelutions

    No matter which Eeveelution you’re aiming for, you will need to start by getting an Eevee. Luckily, Eevees are common in the wild, so playing as you normally would should eventually lead you to an Eevee. Note that using Incense will further up your chance of encountering one.

    Once you’ve figured out which Eevee you want to evolve, there are a few different methods you can use when evolving it. If you haven’t evolved Eevee into your desired Eeveelution before, you can use the “Rename Method” to ensure Eevee will evolve into the one you want. If you’ve already used this method, there are different steps you can follow to guarantee you get the Eeveelution you want.

    How to Get Shiny Eeveelutions

    Six of the Shiny Eeveelutions with nicknames and CP in Pokémon GO.

    via Pokémon Buzz

    Shiny Pokémon are commodities in Pokémon GO. Though their stats are not any different than their non-shiny counterparts, Shiny Pokémon are difficult to get. They appear very rarely out in the wild, though there are events that make them more common. To get a Shiny Eeveelution, you will first need to catch or hatch a Shiny Eevee.

    Unfortunately, there is no foolproof way to do this. Like with catching a normal Eevee, you must go exploring and hope for the best. Use Incense to increase the amount of Pokémon you see and up your chance of finding a Shiny Eevee. Note that most Shiny Eevees come in 5k eggs, so those are the eggs you’ll want to be collecting and hatching.

    To get a Shiny Eeveelution, you simply evolve a Shiny Eevee using the methods discussed in the section above.

    Every Shiny Eeveelution, Ranked

    Below, you will find the Shiny Eeveelutions ranked from worst to best. For this ranking, we’re not strictly looking at appearances. In addition, we are going to look at each Eeveelution’s max CP, its stats, and its best moves to assess its usefulness.

    8. Flareon

    A Shiny Flareon with a red background.

    via Screen Rant

    Flareon isn’t particularly useful in PvP or PvE, so we’ve ranked it at the bottom of the Top Shiny Eeveelutions list. Considering there are a handful of other more powerful Fire-type Legendary Pokémon to use, Flareon isn’t very impressive in comparison. That said, Flareon might be an acceptable choice for a fire Pokémon if you don’t have the Candies or Stardust to power up the better ones. In its Shiny form, Flareon’s appearance only varies slightly from the original.

    TypeMax CPAttackDefenseStaminaBest MovesUsefulness in PvEUsefulness in PvP
    Fire3,424246179163Fire Spin and FlamethrowerNot greatUseless

    7. Jolteon

    A Shiny Jolteon with HP displayed from Pokémon GO.

    via Forbes

    Jolteon plays a similar function to Flareon, though it tends to perform slightly better than Flareon in PvE. If you run out of your top-tier Electric Pokémon, Jolteon is a good pick to follow up. That said, you aren’t going to want to use Jolteon in any PvP fight. Jolteon also isn’t strikingly different in appearance in its Shiny form.

    TypeMax CPAttackDefenseStaminaBest MovesUsefulness in PvEUsefulness in PvP
    Electric3,265232182163Volt Switch and DischargeOkayUseless

    6. Leafeon

    Normal and Shiny forms of Leafeon.

    via TheGamer

    Though there are some other Grass-type Pokémon that are better than Leafeon, it’s an okay choice for PvE or PvP. It’s still considered one of the best non-Legendary Grass-types out there. Leafeon particularly shines in the Master League, so that’s where you’ll want to use it. Like Jolteon and Flareon, Shiny Leafeon doesn’t differ much in appearance from its normal form.

    TypeMax CPAttackDefenseStaminaBest MovesUsefulness in PvEUsefulness in PvP
    Grass3,328216219163Razor Leaf and Leaf BladeOkayOkay

    5. Espeon

    Shiny Espeon in Pokémon GO with nickname "Sakura."

    via YouTube

    Espeon’s stats may look a little deceiving for it being ranked so low on our list. However, despite Espeon’s attack being higher than any other Eeveelution, it can be taken down extremely easily in PvP. That said, Espeon can be a great choice for taking down gyms or doing raid battles in PvE. Furthermore, Shiny Espeon’s appearance is more noteworthy, as it’s a bright green color instead of a light pink/purple like it usually is.

    TypeMax CPAttackDefenseStaminaBest MovesUsefulness in PvEUsefulness in PvP
    Psychic3,583261175163Confusion and PsychicGreatUseless

    4. Glaceon

    Normal and Shiny forms of Glaceon.

    via Republic World

    Because Ice-type Pokémon are less common, Glaceon automatically gets a small bump on the ranking list. Its specialty is against Dragon Pokémon, so that makes Glaceon a solid choice in some PvE situations, since Dragons are often defending Gyms. Like Leafeon, Glaceon can be used in the Master League, especially against Dragon-type Pokémon, though there are still better Ice-type Pokémon to use.

    TypeMax CPAttackDefenseStaminaBest MovesUsefulness in PvEUsefulness in PvP
    Ice3,535238205163Frost Breath and Avalanche GoodOkay

    3. Vaporeon

    Shiny Vaporeon with HP stat displayed in Pokémon GO.

    via Forbes

    Vaporeon is still considered to be one of the stronger Water Pokémon, especially in PvE. Its notably high stamina bumps it higher on this list and makes it a decent option for battles, though less so when it comes to PvP. Furthermore, the Shiny version of Vaporeon is a beautiful purple color, drastically different from its typical blue appearance.

    TypeMax CPAttackDefenseStaminaBest MovesUsefulness in PvEUsefulness in PvP
    Water3,521205161277Water Gun and Hydro Pump GreatOkay

    2. Sylveon

    Shiny Sylveon with HP stat displayed in Pokémon GO.

    via GiveMeSport

    Sylveon isn’t the best Fairy-type Pokémon to use, but it’s cheaper and performs well enough that many will still turn to it, especially to use in the Master League. Shiny Sylveon is also bluer in color, and is often declared the “prettiest” out of all the Eeveelutions.

    TypeMax CPAttackDefenseStaminaBest MovesUsefulness in PvEUsefulness in PvP
    Fairy3,470203205216Quick Attack and Dazzling Gleam GoodGood

    1. Umbreon

    Shiny Umbreon with nickname "Tamao" in Pokémon GO.

    via Screen Rant

    With a higher defense and stamina in addition to decent moves, Umbreon is the best choice, especially for PvP. Umbreon will also perform decently in PvE, though we wouldn’t recommend Umbreon for Raids. In its Shiny form, the marks on Umbreon become blue, instead of gold, perfect for a Dark-type Pokémon.

    TypeMax CPAttackDefenseStaminaBest MovesUsefulness in PvEUsefulness in PvP
    Dark2,416126240216Snarl and Dark PulseGoodGreat