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Pokémon GO: How to Get Coins

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Key Takeaway

You can buy Coins in the Pokémon GO shop, but you can also get Coins for free by leaving your Pokémon in a gym.

Coins are vital in Pokémon GO. They can be used to buy numerous items that are useful for collecting Pokémon, so you’ll need to know the different ways you can get Coins.

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    What Coins Are Used For

    Stuff you can get from the shop in Pokemon GO.

    Coins (also known as PokéCoins) are essential in Pokémon GO. The following are all the types of items you can buy from the Shop using Coins:

    • Boxes (filled with a mix of different items)
    • Raid Passes
    • Egg Incubators
    • Poffin
    • Pokéballs
    • Incense
    • Rocket Radar
    • Star Pieces
    • Max Potions
    • Lucky Eggs
    • Max Revives
    • Lure Modules
    • Item Bag
    • Pokemon Storage
    • Team Medallion
    • Stickers

    Additionally, you can also use Coins to style your character. In the “Style” section of your Pokémon GO profile, you can exchange coins for the following types of items:

    • Featured Items
    • Poses
    • Hats
    • Masks
    • Glasses
    • Necklaces
    • Tops
    • Bags
    • Gloves
    • Belts
    • Bottoms
    • Socks
    • Footwear

    How to Buy Coins

    Coin packs available at the shop.

    If you open the menu in Pokémon GO, select “Shop,” and then scroll down to the bottom. Here, you will see the different bundles available for purchasing PokéCoins:

    • 100 Coins for $0.99 (USD)
    • 550 Coins for $4.99 (USD)
    • 1,200 Coins for $9.99 (USD)
    • 2,500 Coins for $19.99 (USD)
    • 5,200 Coins for $39.99 (USD)
    • 14,500 Coins for $99.99 (USD)

    How to Get Coins for Free

    Group of Pokémon in a gym.

    If you’re hoping to avoid spending real money on PokéCoins, there is another way you can get them. Find any gym of your team’s color (or defeat a gym of a different team) and leave one of your Pokémon in it. You will then earn six Coins per every hour that passes while your Pokémon remains in the gym. However, there are several important notes to keep in mind:

    • You will not get any of the Coins until your Pokémon is knocked out and returned to you.
    • The maximum number of Coins you can earn per day is 50.
    • You will stop earning coins as soon as your Pokémon is knocked out.