Pokémon GO: How to Get Landorus

Landorus looking out over a mountain landscape.

Key Takeaway

You can only get Landorus in Raid Battles and PvP when Niantic has it in the current Pokémon Rotation. Right now, Therian Forme Landorus is available in five-star Raid Battles from April 26, 2022 through May 3, 2022.

Landorus is one of the best Pokémon in Pokémon GO, as it’s a Legendary. You will need to know when and how to get it to use in future battles and to fill your Pokédex.

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    Why You Should Catch Landorus

    Landorus is a Legendary Ground and Flying Pokémon. It is one of the stronger Pokémon you can use in battles for Raids, taking down Gyms, and completing PvP battles. Its strongest attacks are Extrasensory (a Psychic-type move) and Earth Power (a Ground-type move). You’ll also need to catch Landorus to complete your Pokédex. However, it’s one of the rarer Pokémon to get, so catching it will not be the easiest.

    Landorus Forms

    The Incarnate and Therian Formes of Landorus.

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    Though Landorus does not evolve, it has two different Formes: Incarnate and Therian. Incarnate is considered its “first” Forme, but there isn’t decidedly a “true” Forme for it. The main differences between the two Formes are the stats and appearance of the Pokémon.

    Incarnate Forme

    In its Incarnate Forme, you will see Landorus with its arms crossed, sitting in what appears to be a cloud. The Landorus Incarnate Forme has the following stats:

    • Attack: 261
    • Defense: 182
    • Stamina: 205

    Therian Forme

    In its Therian Forme, you can see Landorus on all fours as opposed to upright in a cloud. The Landorus Therian Forme has the following stats:

    • Attack: 289
    • Defense: 179
    • Stamina: 205

    How to Catch Landorus

    Unfortunately, Landorus is only available according to Niantic’s Pokémon rotation schedule. Essentially, this means that you can only catch Landorus at specific times when Niantic puts the Pokémon into the game. When they do make Landorus available, you are able to catch it specifically through two methods: PvP and Raids.


    To be able to get Landorus through PvP, you will need to have reached a rank of 20 in a Pokémon GO Battle League season. If you’ve done this, you will have the opportunity to catch Legendary Pokémon as a reward.


    Landorus can also appear in raids if Niantic is currently featuring it. To catch it, you must be able to defeat Landorus in a Raid Battle, which usually will require a group of players to accomplish.

    How to Catch Therian Forme Landorus Now

    Therian Forme of Landorus.

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    At the time of this writing, the only Forme of Landorus that you can get is the Therian Forme. Therian Forme Landorus will be available in five-star Raid Battles from April 26, 2022 through May 3, 2022, so you will want to act quickly. There isn’t a specific way to get Landorus to appear in a Raid near you, so you will simply need to travel around to seek five-star Raid Battles and hope for the best.

    Best Moves to Use Against Landorus

    Because Londuras is weak to Ice and Water, you will want to use powerful Ice- and Water-type Pokémon when fighting against it in a Raid Battle. For example, Mamoswine’s Powder Snow and Avalanche moves would be greatly effective, along with Mega Blastoise’s Water Gun and Hydro Cannon. These are only some examples of Ice and Water Pokémon that would be effective.