Battle Studies teacher speaking to the students about class.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: All Class Answers

Become the best student at your Academy and earn rewards.

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At Naranja or Uva Academy, you can take classes to brush up on your knowledge of the Pokémon world and to earn rewards through passing exams. However, it’s important that you get enough of the exam questions correct.

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    How to Take Classes

    Character talking to the front desk about taking classes.

    In short, you take classes by speaking with the front desk in the Entrance Hall of the Academy. But at the start of the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, not all subjects will be available to you. Additionally, even with the subjects that are immediately available, you will not have access to all the classes or exams. In total, there are seven different school subjects, each with six individual classes, a midterm, and a final exam. To unlock every subject, class, and test, you’ll need to progress most of the way through your Gym Badges.

    It’s important to note that it does not matter if you answer classroom questions correctly or not, though they’re included in this guide for those who want to make sure they’re the top student. For midterms, you must answer at least three out of the five questions correctly to pass and get the rewards. For final exams, you must answer at least four questions correctly.

    All Class and Test Answers

    The following includes every subject’s class, midterm, and final exam answers.

    Biology Class Answers

    View of the Biology classroom.
    1. Inside
    2. Eggs
    3. Inflict the Pokémon with a status condition
    4. B Button!
    5. 1 in 4,000
    6. Rotom

    Biology Midterm Answers

    1. B) ZR
    2. A, 2
    3. B) Walking around
    4. A) Giving them a berry
    5. C) Gym badges

    Biology Final Answers

    1. Two
    2. False
    3. No it won’t
    4. B) 1 in 4,000
    5. False

    Math Class Answers

    View of the Math classroom.
    1. Doubled
    2. Eleven (you get a Premiere ball as a bonus)
    3. About 4 percent (4 in 100 hits)
    4. Triple damage
    5. No correct answer
    6. Its power becomes 300

    Math Midterm Answers

    1. C) Double damage
    2. A) Half damage
    3. C) Eleven
    4. B) About 4 percent
    5. B) One-and-a-half times as much

    Math Final Answers

    1. A) Five
    2. B) 75
    3. C) About 12 percent
    4. B) Triple damage
    5. C) 2

    History Class Answers

    History teacher talking to the students.
    1. Treasure
    2. Two thousand years ago
    3. About eight hundred years ago
    4. Wooden planks for writing on
    5. The Area Zero Expedition
    6. Professor Sada

    History Midterm Answers

    1. A) The Great Crater of Paldea
    2. C) Treasure
    3. B) Approximately 2,000 years ago
    4. A) 805 years ago
    5. C) Knowledge

    History Final Answers

    1. B) Area Zero
    2. A) 805 years ago
    3. B) A folding fan
    4. C) Heath
    5. C) 10 years ago

    Battle Studies Class Answers

    View of the Battles Studies area.
    1. Physical moves and special moves
    2. Heal Up!
    3. Terastallize and attack it
    4. No correct answer
    5. LP
    6. Flat Rules

    Battle Studies Midterm Answers

    1. B) Special
    2. C) The move’s name
    3. B) Four
    4. B) Terastallizing and attacking
    5. A) Fighting

    Battle Studies Final Answers

    1. A) Go All Out!
    2. C) Auto Battles
    3. B) Exchange materials
    4. A) Lv. 50
    5. A) True

    Home Ec Class Answers

    Home Ec teacher talking to the students.
    1. My choice of fillings and condiments
    2. Items on the ground
    3. It can’t use moves
    4. He should make food with other people
    5. Clean it up
    6. Our Rotom phones?

    Home Ec Midterm Answers

    1. C) Increasing Speed
    2. A) Fillings and condiments
    3. C) Oran Berry
    4. A) True
    5. B) False

    Home Ec Final Answers

    1. A) Sparkling Power
    2. B) It helps hatch strong Pokémon
    3. C) Make good with others
    4. A) Pokémon Wash
    5. B) It doesn’t matter

    Languages Class Answers

    Languages classroom with teacher talking to the students.
    1. Thank you
    2. Delicious
    3. I love you
    4. Anger
    5. Sadness
    6. Happiness

    Languages Midterm Answers

    1. A) Thank you
    2. B) Délicieux
    3. D) Time to eat
    4. A) Compliment them
    5. C) Salvatore

    Languages Final Answers

    1. B) Délicieux
    2. B) I love you
    3. B) Anger
    4. A) Happiness
    5. D) Salvatore

    Art Class Answers

    View of the art classroom.
    1. Any
    2. The Grass Type
    3. The Ice Type
    4. No correct answer
    5. Glaseado’s Grasp
    6. You can change their title!

    Art Midterm Answers

    1. A) Tera Jewel
    2. A) The Grass Type
    3. B) Hexagon
    4. C) Medali
    5. D) There’s no correct answer

    Art Final Answers

    1. B) The Treasure Eatery
    2. C) Surrendering Sunflora
    3. A) Two
    4. B) Levincia
    5. B) False