Rika beginning the interview.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: All Elite Four Interview Answers

Pass the interview for a chance to prove you're better than the Elite Four.

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Once you’ve defeated all eight Gym Leaders, you’re ready to take on the Elite Four, along with their champion. However, you’ll need to pass an interview before progressing to these battles. If you answer incorrectly, you will fail the interview.

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    How to Find the Pokémon League

    Tunnel in front of the Pokémon League

    After you’ve collected your eight Gym Badges in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, you’ll need to find the Pokémon League. This is located near Mesagoza. Travel to this town and then head to the northwest corner. Go up the stairs, and you’ll reach an open gate leading into a tunnel. Once you go in, you’ll be automatically taken down a path and to the Pokémon League.

    All Interview Answers

    Rika telling the player that they can fail the interview.

    Once you reach the location where the Elite four reside, you’ll be told you must complete an interview before challenging them. Certain questions during this interview will cause an automatic fail if answered incorrectly, so you’ll need to select the correct answers. That said, should you fail, you can simply try again after.

    All the correct answers for the Elite Four interview are as follows:

    1. Choose any answer
    2. Choose “Naranja” if you’re playing Scarlet or “Uva” if you’re playing Violet
    3. Choose “I came to become champion”
    4. Choose any answer, but remember your choice
    5. Choose any answer
    6. Choose based on your answer to question 5
    7. Choose based on your answer to question 5
    8. Choose based on your starter Pokémon
    9. Repeat your answer to question 4
    10. Choose “Yes”