Restaurant employee telling character they passed the Gym Test.

Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Secret Order for Medali Gym Test

Skip the work and go straight to the Secret Order.

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Key Takeaway

The Secret Order for the Medali Gym Test is grilled rice balls, medium serving, extra crispy, Fire Blast style, and lemon.

The Gym Test required to challenge Medali’s Gym Leader, Larry, sends you to a restaurant in town. Before you’re able to partake in the battle, you’ll have to retrieve the correct Secret Order from Treasure Eatery.

Table Of Contents

    Medali Gym Test

    Pokémon Scarlet and Violet has this test set up so that you must put together clues to figure out what the Secret Order is. You start with one clue—”how the regulars season their dishes.” To get more clues to lead you to the correct answers, you’ll need to battle other challengers around the area. If you defeat them, you take their clues and can start putting together the puzzle.

    All Secret Orders

    Chef repeating part of the Secret Order.

    If you’re looking to skip all the tedious running around and battling, go straight to the man wearing the green apron at the front of the restaurant. Speak to him, and select the following responses in order:

    • Grilled rice balls
    • Medium serving
    • Extra crispy, Fire Blast style
    • Lemon

    Put together, these make the Secret Order, and you will have passed the Medali Gym Test.