The player finding a wild Toxicroak.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Where to Find Croagunk and Toxicroak

Follow the croaking sounds to the water's edge.

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Key Takeaway

Croagunk can be found in three places: on the northern bank of the river cutting through West Province (Area Two) north of Porto Marinada, in the muddy area just south of the river dividing South Province (Area Five), and also in areas where Toxicroak can spawn.

Toxicroak, on the other hand, can only be found on all the shores surrounding Casseroya Lake.

Croagunk and Toxicroak return in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. If you need a strong Poison-type, Fighting-type, or both, consider adding one of these offensive pocket monsters to your team. However, to find Croagunk and Toxicroak, you have to search near some specific bodies of water.

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    Where to Find Croagunk

    Yellow areas highlighting where Croagunk can spawn on the Paldea map.

    The soonest you can find Croagunk in your playthrough is by exploring South Province (Area Five). This location is in the far southeast of the Paldea region. Here, Croagunk spawns in the muddy swamp-like spot just southwest of where the river meets the sea. The ones you find here will be between levels 15 and 20.

    However, if you’re after a higher-level Croagunk, you’re better off exploring West Province (Area Two). Along the stretch of the river north of Porto Marinada, Croagunks between levels 50 and 55 spawn on the north side of the river. You won’t find any south of this body of running water.

    Also, despite the Pokédex not showing this, Croagunks can spawn around Casseroya Lake anywhere that Toxicroaks can. This includes the west, north, and eastern shores of the big lake. The individuals here will be between levels 50 and 55 as well.

    Where to Find Toxicroak

    Yellow areas highlighting where Toxicroak can spawn on the Paldea map.

    Unlike Croagunk, Toxicroak can only spawn in a single—albeit large—area in the Generation IX games. This spot encompasses every shoreline of Casseroya Lake. The Toxicroaks that spawn here are between levels 50 to 55. The Pokédex map highlights the waters of Casseroya Lake, however, Toxicroaks cannot spawn in or on the water.

    Keep in mind that Toxicroak is a fair deal stronger than Croagunk, so be prepared for the evolved form to hit harder! What’s more, Toxicroaks sometimes spawn with a gang of similarly-leveled Croagunks around them. As such, you may have a hard time approaching a Toxicroak for a solo encounter.

    How to Evolve Croagunk Into Toxicroak

    A Croagunk evolving into a Toxicroak.

    As in previous main-series Pokémon games, Croagunk evolves into Toxicroak when it reaches level 37. If you catch a Croagunk in South Province (Area Five), you need to increase its level about 20 times to evolve it.

    However, if you catch one of the level 50-something Croagunks in this species’ other spawn locations, you only need to increase its level once! With that said, it may just be better to straight-up catch a Toxicroak if you’re only after Pokédex completion.

    If you’re looking to farm experience and strengthen your Pokémon, try battling wild Chanseys and Blisseys, completing Tera Raid Battles, and battling NPC trainers.