Reyadh Rahaman

Reyadh Rahaman is a storyteller who uses different mediums to see his tales come to life. Since the beginning of 2020, he has been writing full-time, both for non-fiction freelance contracts with websites like VGKami and Game Rant as well as for his work as an independent author of speculative fiction (fantasy, horror, and science fiction). However, before this, Reyadh worked as a videographer, photographer, audio-video technician, and in other positions since 2010 that allowed him to use the knowledge and skills that he has accrued through years of media and artistic specialization.

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Reyadh has always been fascinated by anything to do with arts and science, which led him to delve into the world of videos and photos--which he believes are ideal balances of his two favourite subjects. Reyadh studied Broadcast Television/Videography at Humber College, where he learned the ins and outs of how to work with audio-visual technology to tell stories in interesting and accurate ways. Since then, he's tried out different forms of storytelling and felt a calling to pursue writing, which he did and found a career as a writer through various outlets.

All throughout his life, Reyadh has had a deep love for video games, as he feels like they are chances to explore new and interesting worlds. Though, no adventure is any fun without conflict, and so Reyadh found himself preferring games that allowed for detailed combat and confrontations with powerful enemies. As such, titles in the RPG genre are what he usually finds himself playing, though he also very much enjoys strategy games, more unique titles that defy classification, and much more. Some of Reyadh's favourite games are Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade, where he mastered battlefield tactics, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, where he slew more monstrous fiends and human foes than he could count, and Dark Souls, where he snuffed out the First Flame and became a Dark Lord after besting all those who dared to stand before him with berserk usage of the Dragon King Greataxe. As such, Reyadh found himself becoming more and more influenced by video games and grew to love them more each and every day.

After a time, he became a fiend who bleeds tales from his fingertips more than he writes them. He scribes stories that intend to blow the mind and break the heart, though, fear not, as his strategy guides seek only to help out fellow gamers. He also writes poetry for fun, but is not a poet; just a demon whispering rhythmic incantations. To check out some of Reyadh's fiction, visit his website:, where you can read a lot of his shorter work for free as well as learn about his dark fantasy novel, Inner Expanses, which has nearly all 5-star reviews on Amazon and his short story collection, Unusual Tales for the Curious Mind, which is his newest and most promising release yet.

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